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Boryslaw (Lviv) UA 1910

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  • Boryslaw (Lviv) UA 1910

    Oil extraction of the early 1910s in Boryslav, Western Ukraine
    UKRAINIAN WEEK Tetiana Yatsechko-Blazhenko 16 April, 2018

    In the early 1910s, 2mn t of oil or 5% of then-global oil supply was extracted from the fields in and around Boryslav, a town in Lviv Oblast, Western Ukraine, making Halychyna province the third biggest producer of oil after the US and Russia in the world. Boryslav oil played a huge role in boosting the economy of the Polish state under whose the rule the province was. Over 1929-1936, oil extraction shrank from 511,000t to 319,000t annually. Below are the photographs of Boryslav from the 1910-1930s.Its oil industry is still operating. Experts believe that the fields underneath it contain far more stocks. Source:

    The Ukrainian Week

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