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    As someone who has been refused an entry visa for my Ukrainian partner to meet my family and friends in the UK I have been interested in the criteria that determines a successful visa application. I have learned of cases where citizens born in EU member states returning to their homeland after years of working abroad have been refused entry of their non EU spouses of many years. However, immigrants into these EU countries have seemingly had little difficulty in getting visas for their parents or siblings to join them.

    I have learned that there are "agencies" that can "assist" with the procurement of visas stating a guaranteed success rate. I'm aware that many countries no longer accept visa applications at their consulates but have agencies that carry out the preliminary application administration at their own offices. Many of these former Kiev agents redundant concerning EU visas since the Schengen zone has become visa free. However, the United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada and many other countries still require visas that are administered through agents.

    I have also learned that Ukrainians can obtain EU passports for sums of around 3000 Euros. One of the usual methods is for these agents to obtain records from a "Ukrainian records office" that state the applicant's father was born in a part of Ukraine before the Soviets snatched those territories from either Romania, Hungary, Slovakia or Poland. I'm told that because the politics of these disputed regions are still sources of disagreement, that there is little cooperation between the governments concerned, but in any event the key factor of the Soviet held records are unavailable. The passport assisting agency then arranges for you to go that country's registration office concerned where I assume officials there are "encouraged" to process the passport application without undue scrutiny.

    I have now had the puzzle of how the two Russian GRU agents involved in the Skripal poisoning attempt in Salisbury England obtained their UK entry visas. Traveling under the name Alexander Petrov (now known to be Alexander Mishkin) and Anatoliy Chepiga (now known as Ruslan Boshirov) managed to have multi entry EU and UK visas on their false passports. Well it seems that thanks to that private investigation team Bellingcat much of this conundrum is now answered, the visa applications were processed through the various state's visa agencies.
    Although a the Bellingcat article is a long read its a most interesting one

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    #1 Want to Buy a Passport or Visa? (2) Sorry folks I posted the wrong Bellingate article please read:-