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The Rising Opposition to Vladimir Putin

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  • The Rising Opposition to Vladimir Putin

    I'm starting this tweet to record the growing opposition to Vladimir Putin in Russia. Please feel free to add your own comments or internet items covering this topic:

    A Russian dissident pulls off a virtuoso trolling of the Putin regime

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    Alexey Navalny - Putin's Only Real Opposition

    A recent video (2 minutes 36 seconds) highlighting the struggle to be in opposition against Putin:-


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      Women in Russia have taken to the streets in support of the political activist and single mother Anastasia Shevchenko, whose daughter died in January while she was under house arrest:-


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        The west must not abandon Crimea and Ukraine to Russian aggression

        The illegal annexation of Crimea an act condemned by the international community has jeopardised the international rules-based system.


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          Is Communism better than Putin's regime? As being felt in Irkutsk
          Vladimir Putin likes to talk of making Russia great again - restoring its status on the world stage as a country to be reckoned with. But a recent report has shown that more than 1 in 5 Russians now live in poverty and polls suggest that the protest mood is on the rise.