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Europe - More rewards for failure?

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  • Europe - More rewards for failure?

    Today the great and the good of the European Union have vacated their ivory towers to go to Oslo to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for “Maintaining the peace throughout Europe”!
    These faceless bureaucrats, many of whom are not elected by Europe’s citizens, enjoy enormous salaries, extravagant expense accounts and enviable protected pension plans. The financial accounts of the European Parliament have remained irreconcilable for official audit for years, yet the EU administration demands more and more contributions from the member states coffers year on year, despite the fact that the major contributing countries are cutting back on government expenditure within their own borders.
    This prize giving is another example of rewards for failure akin to the massive cash payments given to the CEO’s of failing banks or other huge business collapses. These “leaders” attending this prize giving ceremony are overseeing the creation of the possible collapse of Western Europe as we know it. Every week somewhere within EU cities there are mass protest marches bordering on riots because of the austerity measures being imposed upon their municipal, health or education services. Their wages are being frozen whilst food and fuel costs continue to rise, and more of them (especially youth) cannot find employment, whilst social benefits are being cut.
    What contribution have these EU dignitaries done to reduce tension between the Walloons (French speaking) and the Flamands (Dutch speaking) in Belgium who tried for years to separate? What was the EU’s contribution to quell the killings between the bigoted factions of the Protestants and Catholics in the north of Ireland? How is it that the EU’s governance of Europe is so magnificent that, as I write, in Spain the Catalans in the south, and the Basques in the north seek separation from Spain? That in Britain the Scots are going to hold a referendum on independence from the rest of the United Kingdom. That the EU having created the common “Euro” currency failed to control it, by allowing participating states to run amok, so that the Germans now dislike Greeks for having to bail them out, whilst Greeks have goose step marched in Athens with swastikas, enraged that Germany is dictating their fiscal policy. The EU bureaucrats have also failed to control the pillage and parasitical ability of big multi-national corporations to remove their billions from within EU borders to tax free havens.
    Do you think that in view of the real and not imaginary matters above, the EU’s leadership contributes to the worthiness of being awarded a most prestigious prize for peace in Europe?

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    "Give them Austerity Too!

    European Union leaders are gathering for a two-day summit in Brussels to try to strike a deal on the next seven years of EU spending. The EU hierarchy are requesting a 5% increase of contributions from the member states.

    But isn't this the same organisation that is promoting punitive austerity measures against the several EU's member states that are facing cash flow problems since the international banking crisis? How hypocritical to demand those countries to reduce their citizens pensions, health, and general welfare services, whilst demanding that their own perks and privileges are protected by more than inflation index increases! A disproportionate amount of their funding is spent on their own administration. If commercial organisations ran their operations with this ratio of internal costs, they would quickly become bankrupt!

    The British government, supported by the German government are among a few EU countries opposing any increase. These are the largest contributors in real terms, given that their efficient agriculture does not entitle them to the the same agricultural subsidies as France and other Mediterranean countries smaller "family" farms. Italy has benefited from huge development grants for the poorer southern part of the country. But a significant amount of this money has been siphoned off by dubious mafia led construction projects.

    The current EU is a far cry from the European Common Market (customs union) that we thought we were signing up to in the 1970's. It is now just another self serving political elite that requires dramatic down sizing to its former customs union activities only.


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      Do you think the EU will break up?


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        Europe - Changing and uncertain times!

        The EU has been forced to accept a freezing of its contributions from the member states, which in real terms will mean a reduction in revenue over the coming years. Although the newer EU members (the former communist countries) where happy to pay up because they get more back in development aid than they actually put in, the major contributing northern European countries (except France which is a large benefactor of agricultural subsidies) were demanding that they paid less. Britain is threatening to have a referendum on whether or not it should remain in the EU.

        Lordtiberius, you ask "Do you think the EU will break up? Who knows! I only know that the Euroland countries (those using the Euro as its currency) are in a perilous position. Spain, Portugal, and Ireland are heavily indebted. Greece in particular is so indebted that I cannot foresee how and when it will ever be able to pay its debts back. But the European Central Bank supported by the IMF still keep allowing Greece to have periodic loans so that it make the payments against the loans it already has. I believe that the only answer for Greece is to default on its loans, return to the Drachma and face the scorn from the world markets (the oligarchy) and other European creditors.

        However, the forces that do not want this to happen are frightened that such an action would precipitate a collapse of the status quo, with Portugal, Spain and Ireland following down this road, as European bank interest rates would rise, rendering those other countries unable to pay their dues. Should the above happen, I predict that Italy, then France would go also. Britain's economic interests in global banking would suffer to the point that the British economy would then also be at very high risk. At this point Wall Street would raise the drawbridge with strictures against Dollar flows to Europe and elsewhere to protect its own well being.

        Global capitalism has been to greedy to centralise capital into the hands of a relative few, by sophisticated, trading / banking (often illegal), avoiding taxes where profits were made, and the cost of this miscreant behaviour may well strike a lethal toll in the unforeseeable future.


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          I know that there are currency wars going on now and that the US and the UK are in recession. The situation is not good. In America, our banking laws Dodd-Frank (D-F) and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) inhibit growth and ObamaCare and there is no war we will be out of recession. War seems to be on the horizon and a war no one wants (or expects).


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            Your Rights within the European Union

            The European Union's Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion Agency, in acknowledgment that its citizens are increasingly becoming unemployed and in dire circumstances, have published a guide to assist those considering taking flight from their own country to another EU country where they may survive better.

            I suppose that these overpaid and ineffective time wasters must be seen to be doing something when so much seems to be falling apart at the seams.
            Perhaps if the EU had done something worthwhile in recent years, like making international business profiteers within the EU pay their due taxes, and employing people only within the local frontiers of their commercial activity . If they had stopped the flight of cash beyond its control. If they had insisted on bilateral trading (I will buy from you, only if you buy something from me). If they had controlled effectively the multi-national banksters, forex racketeers, hedge fund gansters, money laundering etc, then these economies would not be in such dire states, and it's citizens would not be in need of such a guide.
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              Euro MP's resist budget cuts!

              Those cozy, overpaid and unproductive Euro MP's who are the leaches of the hard pressed European taxpayers are wincing at the prospect of having to tighten their belts resulting from some northern european countries decision to restrict their funding.
              The European Parliament has demanded further negotiations on the EU's multi-year budget, after national leaders agreed to a cut of 3.3%.:-
              BBC News - MEPs want renegotiation of EU budget deal
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                GG, I got all angry reading the above, and of course, with most of it you are dead right, mate! The EU system is a complete double up of ferrels bludging off tax! It aint working too well. But individual countries problems began & lay with the individual governments poor economic understanding AND corruption! It's been allowed to fester for so long that the mafia types have taken over because they perceive their annual 'takings' via legitimate tax paid by the people, to be fair.
                Look at HOW successive governments have conned the people... offering lower retirement age (meaning MORE on the pension & LESS paying tax.) Plus a host of other measures used by numerous governments to con people to elect them to stay in 'power'. (((I hate that word in that context))).

                So, the corruption has spread to ALL countries in some form, but it's the poorly run countries who think that rich countries can simply bail them out of trouble.... AND WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW??? France & others are beginning to fail. Germany is struggling to keep up.... and it is GERMANY who are the powerhouse of Europe... are they not? Sadly it doesn't stop there. Look at every other economy around the planet, all are struggling! Ukraine and their current attitude have no chance of joining the EU.... because other countries won't let them in with the possibility of being bailed out. Ukraine, under present economic conditions have NOTHING to offer the EU. First they MUST get rid of corruption within the government. "Bring back Temeschenko" isn't the total answer either... it'll take years of very strong (successful) governments to sort the problems. Ditto all countries in financial trouble!

                Lordtiberius who says: "...In America, our banking laws Dodd-Frank (D-F) and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) inhibit growth and ObamaCare and there is no war we will be out of recession. War seems to be on the horizon and a war no one wants (or expects)...."

                Yes, true, but if all wars were stopped the US economy would simply collapse, too. What other country employs so many and spends so much on war? And now North Korea & Iran are spending billions on the same thing.... AND allowing the people to suffer day-to-day hardship. But on the other side of the coin... Italy & Greece are simply too lazy to stop refugees (I call them "Illegal" immigrants) passing through their countries into Europe generally. Indonesia do the same.... by accepting genuine refugees from Afghanistan & Pakistan and simply send them on to Australia.... not to mention that they (indonesians) make money from people smuggling. It's become a major problem for the DUMB current Australian government. Lets take it a bit further; Australia (the so-called lucky country) give away 11 billion (thats ELEVEN BILLION) dollars every year to prop up poor countries. Where does all that money come from... high tax! Australia are among the highest taxed in the world.... IT CANNOT GO ON. (((oooooH! I've a LOT more to say on that bunch, too!!!))) China have 612 BILLIONAIRES!!!! Because all the poor people around the planet bought cheap products simply for the sake of cheapness. THAT is why they will be the next 'Super' economy.

                Marvellous isn't it? The smartest animal on the planet and we can't get our house in order to pay the bills. Sometimes I wish I was a dog or cat.... and have everything done for me and not have to worry where my next meal will come from.
                The bottom line IMO is G-R-E-E-D & JEALOUSY. I hate to spread doom & gloom but no one will change THAT attitude anytime soon. Too many people on the planet, period! But also too many taking from the less fortunate to the point of killing their own to stay in power. How many countries are doing that as we read & write???


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                  Europe in Crisis - Olive oil the priority!

                  With much of Europe mired in recession and high unemployment the European Union turned its attention to issue of olive oil fraud.
                  I cannot believe that with so many serious issues to tackle within Europe, that these expensive to run bunch of jokers can seriously believe that the quality of olive oil in restaurants can be be of much importance to the average citizen within the European Union.
                  Frustration and mirth as the EU almost bans olive oil bottles from its restaurants -


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                    I'm not alone with my disregard for EU's Jose Barroso

                    The following article shows that the unelected Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission appears not to be a very popular man, not just with me, but with many others.

                    Jose Manuel Barroso... not the most popular politician on Facebook - The Commentator


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                      rcshot, you said "France & others are beginning to fail".
                      I'm French and I can tell you that France is not beginning to fail, I would say France is already sunk.


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                        EU failure to govern again

                        This article blames the EU for failing to control the financial sector within Europe:-

                        The anniversary of broken promises | Corporate Europe Observatory


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                          The "success" of EU governance!

                          The privileged elite of the European Union's numerous political divisions should be ashamed at the downward "progress" of EU states that they supposed oversee;-
                          PressTV - 43 million people lack food in Europe: Red Cross


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                            United Kingdom Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage warned: “It’s utterly staggering that the EU is now looking likely to default on debt repayments unless a budgetary amendment can be decided. In essence, the EU will have to come with a begging bowl to the 28 member states for more cash or risk going bust, and they will have to do so very quickly indeed.

                            “The EU are trying desperately to keep this out of the news. It’s a real predicament for them, at a time when the Eurozone economy is still struggling with mounting debt and a stunted recovery and when ill-feeling towards the EU project has never been so high.
                            EU could run out of money by the middle of November


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                              European Union misspends almost 5% of budget

                              Six billion euros from the European Union’s budget were frittered away in 2012, the bloc’s official auditor says, warning that the surge in misspending is due to over complicated legislation and fraud.

                              EU misspending rising, 6 billion euro wasted in 2012 – auditors — RT News