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Kherson - Hourly Rent?

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  • Kherson - Hourly Rent?

    I've been searching for an apartment in Kherson for the long term (many months) and have noticed that there seem to be a lot of apartments available on an HOURLY basis. I'm wondering WHY that might be so common in that area, as I don't find it in many other parts of Ukraine?

    I'm thinking prostitution as a potential reason, but maybe there is another reason I'm not thinking of?



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    You are right that it's quite difficult to rent an apartment for monthly basis in Kherson now. The realistic price to get an apatment in the center of the city is $400/month and you must be very lucky to "catch" it. I spoke to many flat owners and realtors, they said that it seemed sensless to them to rent out their apartments monthly as they would lose a lot of money
    in that case. The demand for apartments is huge these days and it's much more profitable for the owners to rent them out
    daily or hourly. That is the main reason.
    If you need any help with finding apartment in Kherson at good price, interpreter or personal assistant feel free to get in touch with me!