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  • What’s going wrong with Britain?

    You may have seen or heard, as I have the news of rioting and looting going on in British cities during recent nights. The British politicians have been recalled from their holidays so that they can debate what should be done. The British Prime Minister (David Cameron), on his return, made a statement in which he has said "looting is criminal". Whilst this is absolutely obvious to most of us, it must be remembered that British Parliamentarians have difficulty identifying criminality, inasmuch as they did not know that falsifying their expenses was criminal! David Cameron has also said that these rioters/ looters will receive the full weight of the law. It is difficult to know what that means as British prisons and all other forms of custody/ detention are already overloaded. Will they start building concentration camps into which to put these mostly teenage children and younger people?

    So what is going wrong with Britain? Well I believe it has been undergoing social decay for years. Unlike Germany where for the most part its top industrialists has reinvested in that country. Britain’s industrialists along with global oligarchy have been closing industrial production within the UK and invested in the Far East, where much lower labour and other production costs have facilitated bigger and quicker returns on capital.
    This has corroded much of the lower echelons of the lesser educated British society. Unemployed parents have produced offspring into families where there is no working parent, so the children are void of any apparent work ethic. Even if the parents have maintained employment, they have worked in the low wage economy, requiring both parents to work long hours to achieve their own and their children’s expectations (car, electrical goods, designer label clothes etc), neglecting their children’s character development, discipline and values. These youngsters now find they are unable to compete for jobs in a hardening labour market, yet weaned into the materialistic /consumer society, are frustrated because they know that everything they might aspire to possess is out of reach. Having little hope for the future, and programmed with distorted values (much provided by low class soaps and "reality" TV), much of Britain’s youth are bringing the country into the situation that we see today.

    I am currently touring in the former European Communist/ Socialist states to note how they have progressed during the last twenty years or so. My impression is that although life is generally better now for most of these citizens, I can see the seeds of social decline that I have described above in earlier stages of development. Many of the more mature citizens want the same that I would wish for. They want better government, where politicians serve the people rather than themselves and their oligarchies. They want decisions made (even if a bitter pill at the start) where their environment is creating more local job opportunities, making housing more affordable and produces more of their own goods, rather than a high reliance of imported goods. This is of course counter to the multi-national oligarchy trading system, which is not interested in the social welfare of any particular nation, but only in their own enrichment.

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    Is there no support system in place in Britain for these people? In Canada, many refugee families make more money than senior citizens who have worked and paid taxes for 40 - 50 years.


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      What Refugees?

      These young people are not refugees, even if they come from parents who migrated from other countries (and I think most did not) they were born here and are British citizens, albeit poorer and lesser educated ones.


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        Whilst not agreeing with the violence I think these people(and it isn`t just the young) are saying what many believe... Cameroon!!!! enough is enough... our society is under attack from the condems... the cuts are TOO much and why aren`t the banks and big business paying for their "mistakes"???
        John 3/16


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          I have been writing about political parties everywhere in the world being funded by the oligarchic money on various threads. This article names British Conservative party donors and the amounts being donated. It also mentions some Wall Street hedge fund managers that make the British political party donators look like comparitive paupers:-

          Meet Britain's wealthiest hedge fund chiefs: male, rich and Tory donors | Business | The Guardian
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            We have to go to a gold standard.



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              Why do some Ukrainians find Britain attractive?

              LordTiberius, I don't see how adopting the gold standard would do anything to change the situation of politicians serving their party sponsors and not their electorate.

              Britain is seen as an attractive place to go to, if only they can get a visa. The extortionate cost of accommodation is now outrageous. If I chose to live in south east England (the region I was born), it is certain that the cost of a one bedroom apartment would take 100% of my state retirement pension.

              See the following article that highlights the growing homelessness and of the rough sleepers that have died during the recent cold weather:

              The father who froze to death in a Kent village | Society | The Observer


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                Why are you in Ukraine?

                Well apart for romantic reasons, the next biggest factor is an economic one
                Similar to most Ukrainian pensioners who are barely existing on their state pensions in Ukraine, the same applies to me if I live in Britain on my state pension.
                A BBC report following the downward trend of living standards, which is as equally applicable to other European citizens who are on the bottom end of income level:-

                BBC News - Which? poll says many 'borrowing money for food'


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                  Young Ukrainians-Don't dream about Britain

                  I spoke yesterday to a young Ukrainian female student with near perfect English language skills who dreams about leaving Ukraine to find work and a better future. She thought that Britain my be an option because she could earn much more money there.
                  I had to explain (once again) that you need to earn more money there because life is so much more expensive. I continued to advise on the downturn of the British economy and the many problems Brits are now experiencing. I explained that some people are actually blaming too many migrant workers as a reason for their problems, and that the UK government is being pressured to reduce migration.

                  I believe that the Ukrainian readership is relatively low on this website, but my advice to Ukrainians would be to give Britain a miss. However having said that, what country would I recommend. Well I think that for well educated young people with a useful specialization Brazil's booming economy might be an opportunity to consider.

                  This URL is a British Guardian newspaper article about Britain's woes:-
                  Food banks now a lifeline for half a million people in Britain | Society | The Guardian


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                    Uk run by rich paraniod school boys period

                    I fully agree with GG Ukrainian Woman must be complete nuts if they think there going 2 have a better life in UK.

                    Just look at the bloody place run by public paraniod rich snobbish school boys from top 2 bottom the wankers.

                    Our son ( Albert ) will have much a better life here in Ukraine. Fluent in English and can futher his education when he is older in Kyiv or Moscow if he so wishes. But you look in the UK, education is for them rich snobs only and they rule this from father 2 son for themselfs it makes you want 2 throw up bigg.

                    Any guys new 2 Ukraine just save yourself alot of **** and live with your girl here the best you can. GG has done all the homework and so have i so read what he writes 2day and past. As for me life could not be better as long as my girlfriend stays well clear of that devious tinpot country which is UK of 2day.

                    I am myheart2ukraine wether you like it or not.


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                      The charitable side of the UK

                      Firstly, thanks to myheart2ukraine for his support of my comments that Britain is not the land of opportunity that they imagine it to be.

                      I am attaching a URL of the British Independent newspaper article about ASDA (a subsidiary of USA's Walmart) donating surplus food to charity. This is something I do like about Britain, it has a network of charitable organisations carrying out numerous good works for the sick and disadvantaged people, not only in Britain but elsewhere. These organisations are mainly staffed by volunteers giving their time and labour for free.

                      Such organisations found their roots back in the dark times of British history when the poor and homeless where cast into the workhouse. My father's brothers were sent away to Canada to earn their keep in Saskatchewan's wheat fields when their mother could no longer feed them. Many other poor children were also sent to Australia to similar near slave labour conditions.

                      During that period aristocratic and wealthy ladies would organize "well to do, must go" banquets for the rich and famous, that would provide the opportunity to make a much needed donation to a charitable institution (usually with the patronage of a member of the monarchy). This paid for the first hospitals for the poor before a National Health Service was created, as well as help for the blind and deaf etc.

                      We now see this era being repeated when the new wealth of popular celebrities (footballer's & wives, film/ pop music stars etc) attend charitable gatherings to donate money or offer their exotic clothing or jewellery for auction in the name of charity. Isn't there something ironic about people who earn a disproportionate amount of the available income being seen as the saviours of the poor!

                      Asda to give all surplus food to charity in bid to relieve food poverty - Home News - UK - The Independent


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                        Homeless Pensioner offered a tent!

                        I walked passed a begging babushka recently and said to an English speaking Ukrainian friend "that won't happen in the UK, the Social Security system will protect elderly females especially against extreme hardship" I'm clearly getting out of touch with events back in the UK as the following article illustrates:-

                        Homeless? Here, have a tent... | Society |


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                          Why do many Ukrainians see Britain as an opportunity?

                          This London Evening Standard article comments on the growing homelessness in Britain and many of these are from Eastern Europe:-
                          Mayor under fire as rough sleepers in London double in five years - London - News - London Evening Standard


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                            Don't go to Britain!

                            The British media are becoming full of stories about the number of Romanians and Bulgarians that are likely to descend upon Britain when the barriers against them going there to work are lifted at the end of 2013. Romania Roma (gypsies) have already arrived in significant numbers, as they do not come for employment, but to beg, steal and claim what they can from the social benefits and National Health Service system as EU citizens.

                            British people are resentful that they such migration puts a burden on the public services at a time when their services are being reduced as budgets are being trimmed.

                            In Scotland it seems that the Scottish government are embarking on a publicity campaign for illegal migrants and others to return to their homelands.

                            Personally, I wouldn't attempt refuge in Britain anyway. Poor but costly budget end accommodation, unemployment and bad weather would deter me me. I think they would have better prospects in Germany for employment and less extortionate accommodation conditions.

                            Row over ‘Go Home’ messages for asylum seekers - Top stories - The Scotsman


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                              Britain is better than Ukraine?

                              I get so frustrated when Ukrainians I meet think I'm peculiar because I like to be their country when I am coming from such a wonderful and trouble free country like Britain. I do try to advise them that whilst I acknowledge that Ukraine does have many problems, equally so does Britain. However, I don't think they believe me, and unfortunately will not read the following article :-

                              Only a new wave of socialism can end the great squeeze on us all - Comment - Voices - The Independent