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does any one know the immigration laws from AUSTRIA, or KIEV??

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  • does any one know the immigration laws from AUSTRIA, or KIEV??

    hello ukrainian PPL, I need help finding my former fiancee and my baby's father PAVLO LYCHAK from ternopil.. DOB: 6/11/72, he just flew home to kiev airport on 31st july 2002, and he hasnt telephoned us here in Australia yet
    the last phone call we recieved was when he arrived in VIENNA airport and he said he would call us again in 6 hours from KIEV..
    he may be staying in CHORTKIV- ternopil with his family, or in SARATOV- Russia with his brother, wife and two teenage sons..
    I feel if he is not at any of these two places then the passport control at VIENNA airport or when he arrived at KIEV airport he got introuble... he visited Australia for 4 yrs and only had a visa for the first 9 months.. he decided to leave on his own accord, and the airport here in my country never punished him..

    PLZ if any 1 knows where our pasha/ PAVLO/ paul is could you ask him to call us in Australia, as we are not sure if he is dead or alive ((
    this is so NOT right him not staying in touch somehow..
    so all i need is a phone call, letter, sms message OR an email to know he is ok. PAVLO needs to be told we love and miss him dearly and want him back in safe hands here one day when he is ready...

    from a lonely and depressed lady in SYDNEY Australia..