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Senator Vows to Delay Obama's Nominees Over Libya

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  • Senator Vows to Delay Obama's Nominees Over Libya

    Senator Vows to Delay Obama's Nominees Over Libya - Yahoo! News

    Senator Lindsey Graham started out as dovish and friendly to the Obama regime. But Obama and his cronies have burnt that bridge at a critical time when the president's legacy now hangs in the balance. From Panetta's testimony last week, we have learned that the President was not even in the room when the 8 hour firefight began. We also learned that an hour before the firefight began, Panetta met with President for his daily briefing. Disgraceful.

    Contrary to popular belief, Mr. Obama is NOT a friend to democracy and human rights. The obstruction of his operatives serve to hinder Mr. Obama's agenda to the benefit of freedom loving people's every where. God Bless You!

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    Obama, no real influence!

    Don't overly concern yourself with what Obama does or does not do. It would make very little difference to you even if you had voted in a Republican Party President.

    At the moment the British Prime Minister is causing a furore by advocating marriage for gays. This is simply a smoke screen to deflect the British electorate away from the more pressing issues that really effect their lives. Why should he do this? He knows well that the real power in the country lies with the multi-national oligarchy controlling all the money and most of the industry (such as Britain has left). He knows well that if he does not follow the demands of the "Markets" (commercial corporations, commodity exchanges, banks etc,) they have the ability to bring him down.

    It is a similar situation in most of the indebted nations, and as the USA and its government is in a similar indebted state, I can see no reason why the same circumstances do not also apply to you!


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      I disagree with you on Obama and agree with you on Cameron. Mr. Obama is responsible for D-F and Obamacare, Mr. Romney pledged to repeal both laws which are killing job creation. Mr. Romney also pledged to repeal SOX and move toward sound money. Real wars follow currency wars and for one who has fought a war, I have no appetite to fight another or to have one fought on my behalf.