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    A prominent editor is missing and presumed dead as his watch was found beside a lake. Now, in Donetsk, a young journalist was beaten by police. Mr. Yanokovych is visiting the U.S. and speaking to other leaders. I think it is time to forward these storied to O'bama, Harper, the president of Australia and Britain.

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    PROTEST! President Yanukovych at the UN

    Yanukovich at the UN – Let’s Send Him A Message – Ukraine Is Not For Sale!
    On September 22-23, Ukraine’s president Viktor Yanukovich will be in New York City to address the General Assembly at the United Nations. Since his election to office, the pro-Russian President has taken alarming steps to compromise Ukraine’s national identity and sovereignty. In the past few months we have witnessed:
    - the unconstitutional extension of the lease for the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea;
    - the rising dependence on Russia to provide for Ukraine’s security and stability which poses a definite threat to Ukraine’s sovereignty
    - the denial of the Holodomor as an act of genocide and its removal from the official presidential website;
    - recent censorship of the press, particularly targeting several independent Ukrainian television stations;
    - the new government’s move to control the judicial system by granting the president power over the hiring and firing of judges;
    - the non-block status of Ukraine which threatens Ukraine’s EuroAtlantic integration and future NATO membership.
    Let us show our disdain for the president’s policies and tell him that, as proud Ukrainians, we firmly uphold and vehemently defend a strong, self-sufficient, independent state where Ukrainians are free to express their opinions, are cognizant of their culture and history and are proud of their unique heritage!
    The time is NOW! We cannot allow President Yanukovych to threaten Ukraine's freedom any longer!!! We must defend Ukraine’s integrity and sovereignty!
    Wednesday, September 22,
    5:30PM - 7:30PM
    Ukrainian Mission to the UN
    220 East 51st Street,
    between 2nd and 3rd Aves.
    New York City.

    Yanukovych's speech:
    Brama - Gateway Ukraine, UkraiNEWStand and Community Press
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      I saw pictures of those dear people protesting against him … wish I were among them.

      Hannia , were you there ?


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        Congratulations Ukranian Americans for showing up to show your displeasure at what is going on at home. I am sure the Donbas don knows how much the diaspora contributes to the economy of Ukraine.


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          Did you hear the reaction of Ukie Minister for Foreign Affairs? He said they can protest as much as they want - we'll not pay attention to this - they have no clue how we live and what is the situation here.....


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            I think your minister of foreign affairs is sadly mistaken. The diaspora is very aware of what is going on. I have written to the head of my country and also my member of parliament. They are very aware of what is going on and deciding how they will proceed.


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              p.s. many members of the diaspora still are connected to family in Ukraine so get much news that way.


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                The USA Press is also "Subdued'

                I note how the Ukranian disapora now living in the USA and undoubtably having gained USA citizenship, is so concerned about the potential dangers to Ukranian media freedoms.
                I am wondering however if you have any such concerns about the Smart Money "nobbled" and biased reporting that goes on within the USA every day. Why do you suppose that the USA's internet is full of conspiracy theorists like 'Twin Towers Destruction a Whitehouse plot" etc. Such loonies are manifested because they know that for the most part the USA's popular media are all singing from the same hymn sheet, with far less controversial and diverse comment than that found within many other countries media.

                Please see the article within the attached link. It is an interesting take by Olena Ovcharenko on the current Ukraine and mass media situation.