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  • Ukrainian Sex Slaves

    Frontline - Sex Slaves (2005)

    Saw this documentary a while back and thought some of you might be interested. It's about an hour long but it's worth it. Post what you think.

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    A very common problem in the former Soviet Republics. Something that requires urgent action taken on both the former Soviet Republics and the EU.

    Unfortunately we are seeing too many prostitutes coming from the former Soviet Union. I would like to see Michelene Calmy Rey should be cracking down.

    Also I am criticizing our FOJ (Federal Office of Justice) Director Dr. Michael Leupold for not acting fast enough on deporting these foreign citizens that come from the former Soviet Union.

    These people who come to Switzerland from the former Soviet Union are nothing but trouble.

    I live in Zürich at the moment and we have too many crimes, too many prostitutes coming from the former Soviet Union attempting to bribe the Swiss like me for money in exchange for sexual favours which I find unacceptable.

    Switzerland allows EU Citizens from the EU to live, work, study and retire with freedom to come to Switzerland for. The EU10 have some restrictions that will last until 2013. For the EU 2 Romania and Bulgaria there restrictions will end permanently in 2016.

    There are very few Romanians here in Switzerland. Same for Bulgarians. We would like to have them work in Switzerland, however they don't seem to be interested in us. We would like to have the EU10 come and work here but yet again they don't seem interested in us.

    The only foreigners we have is the citizens from the former Soviet Union and the extremely poor countries of South Eastern Europe/Balkans. That is where the issue for me and other Swiss come into the situation.