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Time to sum up as a very special time is approaching…

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  • Time to sum up as a very special time is approaching…

    Thank you for your words which meant something to me during my half-year roaming through the world.
    Many thanks for:

    1. Kathy - for convincing me that two once hostile nations can be really friendly. Yes, you are number one on my list.

    2. Batukhan/Tuchaj Bej -for his ability to overcome his Soviet past with dignity. It does not matter whether you are Moslem or Christian. If you are Moslem, the America needs you even more.
    3. Vanya (Johnstruthers) - for his jovial descriptions of Ukraine's south, also for raising vodka considerations to nearly academic level,
    4. Zhuk - for his competent historic remarks,
    5. Silkrem - for his silent but noticeable presence here and his nice St. Nicholas postcard,
    6. Laryska - for her shining youthful optimistic attitude,
    7. Hanja - for sharing her good Ukrainian sentiments with me,
    8. Donquichotte - for his French elegance expressed in very good English,
    9. Holland - for supporting my romantic attitude; your “absolutely beautiful” assessment was like a hormone feeding my vanity,
    10. Hannia - for inspiring me on the occasion of a root problem,
    11. Halina -for making one of my days with her fairy tale about The_Last_Word,
    12. Divchyna -for her freshening appearances, and for explaining my gender to a Judge from Texas,
    13. Ulysses - for explaining me what Polish jokes really mean; also for his stoical attitude.
    14. Jarema - for being able to cloud his nationality so effectively,
    15. The Last Word -for his creativity and digilence, though many times used against the hosts,
    16. Rajkumar -for being so patient about good forumers' advice as to his daughter’s upbringing, also for his valuable medical explanations,
    17. Irinka - for her share in constituting the environment for the agreeable dialogue,
    18. CameoJoe - for his Texas vigilance and good humour,
    19. Johncullen - for showing green colour in an important referendum in Ireland about showing the Irish green/red light to 10 nations placed somewhat to the East of the Old Continent.
    20. Happy-gunner - for initiating the "Ten top Ukrainians and others" thread, as well as for reminding me of a past White Eagle’s football glory at Wembley stadium.
    21. Nickolas - for sharing his mysticism with us, though I do not support your conspiracy theories,
    22. Foreigner - for ensuring me that Japan is much less distant from central Europe than I ever thought,
    23. Andrewblow - for his deep religious/ faithful insight,
    24. Makcum for sharing a fragment of the beautiful Taras Shevchenko poem on Bohdan with me,
    25. Lubov - for his somewhat utopian poem about how wonderful the world could be without religion,
    26. Kasper - for making noticeable language progress in only two months,
    27. Andrej - for his practical ideas,
    28. Bunky - for his determination about getting to know Central/Eastern Europe,
    29. StasUA – for his moderating efforts, although you confused some historic points instead of clarifying/moderating them.
    30. Forest - for his rare and friendly historic remarks (history is a swampy meadow when one can easily get drowned).
    31. AngelWithWings - for noticing me (it is a repeated appeal to my vanity).

    Also, special thanks to:
    NZman, for enlightening me on what a phobia means,

    Bartosz for enlightening me on how one can spoil a historic argument with too much irony,

    Steve Vlasenko for enlightening me on how an intellectual can so easily get unreasonably provoked by too much irony,

    Zupbonz for enlightening me on how much chauvinistic I am.

    I wish you all good Christmas, spent near your loved ones, experienced according to your best national/regional tradition and full of inspiring moments. Moreover, I wish all participants to be able to meet again against all (VCI) odds.

    …at the sight of the star they were overjoyed.

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    Hey Zbyszec The Thanks is to you , you make this place interesting .Keep posting enjoy your company. All the best.


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      Thank you for the mention Zbyszek, that cold november night in '73, which greatly upset an 8-yr-old self, lives on in folklore around here: my friend's ginger-haired, balding, Irish father has been called "Lato" ever since
      I'd like to thank all of you for all of your posts, reading them makes me marginally less ignorant bit by bit.
      I'd like to add another name, that of Sweet November, I'm sure she's a living godess
      Happy Christmas all!


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        Zbyszek,I just got to know you.Hope you are not leaving.Hope one day we meet and you can show me your 13 century underground salt mine in Wieliczka.I will show you our tin mine in Ipoh,Perak.
        Merry Christmas my friend and a Happy New Year.


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          Thank you for your kind words. They are very encouraging!
          Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
          May you spend a restful holiday with the your friends and family.
          Veselykh Sviat!


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            I hope this is not good-bye. I has been a delight to chat with you.
            Yours truly!


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              Un très Joyeux Noël !

              Dear Zbyszek,

              It is a pleasure for me to join the other thirty members or so in thanking you for your nice and well put comments about each one of us, and wishing you a merry Christmas and the very best for 2003.

              Poland will again be part of the EC at the end of this new year, after a fifty year parenthesis, and as EC citizen, as well as French (for both our countries have much in common, Kings,Poets,..) I'd like to welcome you back.

              Looking forward to more exchanges during the course of next year,



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                Helloh Don............Where was I wrong ,.....Laryska,MR.Ulysess,forest,So holland ..

                To my Dearest Don,
                My friend Donquichotte,if I have hurt you in any way,all I ask you as the most respected member of to forgive me.Tell me Don,my respected friend how did I ever hurt you.Make me understand Don,how did I ever hurt you.I admired you as a great teacher Donquichotte,but where was I wrong with you my respected friend Donquichotte.At least my dear Frenchman I need an explaniation from you where I went wrong.I maybe wrong but it wasn't to have any intend to hurt you in anyway.Views of mine is just mine,what I feel and that's what I express myself with no disguise in I be punished to this extent with no aknowledgement as a friend in disguise from you.Tell me Donquichotte,or at least my dear friends Laryska,My buddy MR.Ulysess and forest.

                I wish you a Very Happy Christmas Donquichotte.Hope someday we meet and hope a New Year starts for me remembering that I shall get an explanation from you my Dear friend Don-The Donquichotte.
                Always your friend,Don


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                  Hello Raj. I don.t recall you and the Don having the tiff so I cannot comment. But knowing the Don from his posts he does not strike me as one to hold a grudge, more like he would agree to disagree and leave it at that, pretty much like you would yourself. My only hope is that what ever the disagreement was it is reconciled and friendship restored quickly, you are two of the most respected members on here both knowledgeable and funny. all the best


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                    To my Dear friends Raj and DOn,
                    I was not aware of any sort of misunderstanding between the two of you, but you must remember that a misunderstanding is simply that. YOu can't take things too seriously. Rajkumar did mention to me that something did happen between the two of you, but please move on with things and patch things up. I don't think apologies are neccesary at this point, if you both just started writing to eachother again this would be a step in the right dirrection.
                    I truely miss writing to both of you and I enjoyed our discussions of various topics.
                    Wishing you both Happy holidays, and an optimistic new year!
                    PS: Raj, you did not reply to my last post on "I am still around".


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                      Dear Forest, Laryska ,Raj

                      Dear Forest,

                      You are wrong, I can hold a grudge (after all I am human), though not for long....Merry Christmas to you and thanks for your nice comments : coming from you its a real privilege.

                      Dear Laryska,

                      eventhough we have not talked for a while I am keeping current with your hesitations and choices you are trying to make in your life and studies : remember at one point you have to listen to you only, as you will be the one to have to live with these choices.
                      At your age you can experiment differents directions before you definitely choose one, very few person knows at the age of 18 what they want to do.
                      Now enough with grandpa's advices, enjoy yourself during these Xmas vacations and keep in mind that a ten years difference is not much.Youth is mostly an attitude, at least until a certain age. (do you ski ? are there any good ski resorts near Edmondton ? There must be.)

                      Dear Raj,

                      I have had less time to spend here as I have taken in the past few months new responsibilitiesbut did follow your posts like I followed Laryska's.

                      I also did completely disagree with you and could not for a while understand how you could have supported whoever it was I severely criticized at the time.
                      But I do not want to remember what it was, life is too short and the subject does not deserve more attention, so I wish you and your daughter a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, looking forward to a fresh start and another twelve months of fruitful discussions.


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                        It is too bad that you are so busy, but it is nice to know you are analyzing my posts. And you are right in what you told me. There are some very nice ski resorts near Banff and Jasper, and Kananaskis... these towns are all new Edmonton 3hrs drive. However, i did learn how to ski but all I ended up doing was fly through the air, and crashed through some trees!!!
                        Kasper, I did not understand your last post here.
                        YOu said that 14 yr olds knew what they wanted to do.... this may be true, but they will probably change their minds. YOur comment about pot smoking 18yr olds.... who is this dirrected at?? I hope this is not dirrected at me, because if it is... I am absolutely offended. YOu have no right to call me a "stupid western 18 yr old townie..." What the hell is that?? IF this comment was dirrected at me, I suggest you mature. If what you said was an insult to me the yOu are just as ignorant as the 14 yr olds you know so well.
                        Also your comment about "younger people do much more hard work these days...." I will never have to work as hard as my parents ever did. It is through their hard work and persistance that I am able to live on this earth!! I respect them, and would never dare compare my accomplisments to theirs.
                        I truely hope I missed the point of your post, and I truely hope you did not indend to insult me and other fellow memebers.


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                          Thanks Don,forest and Laryska.I am feeling so much better now and I too look forward in fruitful discussions with you Don in all the years to come.So tell us Don,how is Christmas celebrated in France.I am sure forest is going to have a lovely time on Christmas with all his relatives from Ukraine.But something tells me forest has already started his Christmas celebrations.forest have you got your Christmas tree decorated already? Though I am a Hindu and celebrate Deepavali but for my daughter's sake I take her to church on Christmas eve as she loves to listen to the Christmas carols.Ever since she was a child from three years onwards I would decorate her Christmas tree which I had bought from the mall and play Santa Claus on the night of Christmas eve and lay some presents for her while she is asleep.I was reminded by her again not to forget doing this on this coming Christmas.She is thrilled with this.I have been having this Christmas tree for the last nine years now.I have about five Christmas trees grown in my garden and it is the favourite tree among the Malaysians.I have also a pine tree grown in my garden.
                          Take Care All of You.


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                            Am I old enough to be your father ?

                            Originally posted by Kasper
                            Don stop being so ageist you cannot compaire a couple of stupid westen 18 year old townies drinking alco pops and smokeing some weed thinking they are so cool when they just idiots to every young person, it is so stupid older people think like this, younger people do much more hard work now days then their parents ever did and they will be more intelligent then their parents, it is called evolution! I know 14 year olds who know what they wanted to do with their life.


                            How old are you ? How old do you think I am ?

                            Workwise, you are very wrong, at least for several western countries where the young generation does not want to work as hard as their parents did, civilisation of leisure is the word.
                            No matter how intelligent and evolved the young generation is, experience cannot be replaced : that is not to say young people are stupid, some are and some are not, like aged ones.
                            Learning from other's experiences can make one gain a lot of time and avoid several mistakes, evolution itself is compiled experience to some extent.

                            [Edited by Donquichotte on 18th December 2002 at 18:34]


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                              Raj how did you know ? you have second sight. I had the injury at work on sunday night so I cannot work, the third time I am off in 15 years, and as I would start my holidays friday, I have started the celebration early by breaking into my stash of beer, wich I hide from my son because he will drink it all when he visits and my daughters boyfriend who does the same . In fact its one of there games, hunt my stash of beer they think its really clever when they find it, drink it all, and leave me a note saying hide it a little bit better next time .My son says its to get me back as he says I used to steal his chocalate when he was a kid

                              As if I would do a thing like that. All the best