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  • Hi everyone

    Thought I'd say hello to all on this great forum...

    Though based in UK, I've been going to Ukraine for the last twelve years, my wife is originally from Khmelnitsky region. On the whole, I really like the country & the people are great.
    Going out again in July for two months, for a working break year on a 200 year old straw bale clay house in a remote village in Western Ukraine, that used used to belong to my wife's great grandfather. Putting up fencing, building a composting toilet, fixing roofs, pruning orchard & doing any other jobs my wife will find for me.
    Will be quite an experience, quite looking forward to it.


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    Hi Nick,

    Welcome to the forum. Sounds like a fun way to spend you vacation, going into the country.

    Looking forward to some of your perspectives and also stories from the trip.

    A friend of mine is planning to go back to Ukraine for a couple of weeks to visit family next month but is waiting until after the election to buy the tickets.

    See whats been posted in the past day.

    Contact forum moderators here.


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      Hi Nick,

      That sounds really awesome. I just recently returned from Ukraine and loved it there. Spent a month in a on the northeast side. I love living off the land.