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  • Hello Everyone

    My interest in Ukraine is that my father hailed from there.
    He returned to Ukraine twice in the nineties and fulfilled a dream he had to be reunited with his brother and sisters.Sadly he is now gone from this earth but Ukraine never left him all the days of his life
    As he was Ukrainian then part of me is also , anyway enough of me, I am pleased to meet you here. willie

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    Hi Williesz,
    I'm a Sassanach who is resident (as much as I can be) in that "Russian" part of Ukraine close to the Russian border. That makes me as unpopular with some contributors to this forum as I am with some of your fellow countrymen, because of my origins. I'm wondering if you are one of those Scots who wants to separate from England and the Westminster Parliament. I have to say to you that I sympathise with you if you are seeking independence. There are many of my fellow countrymen who if they could rid themselves of this current bunch of self serving, inept, uninspiring, party subservient, career politicians would do so.

    I have a strong attachment to Ukraine, first through a relationship with an Ukrainian lady, secondly for financial reasons, inasmuch as my modest UK pension buys me a better lifestyle here. I also love parts of this country for its natural beauty. I don't know if you've been to Crimea or Karpathia, but these are lovely regions.

    Anyway, welcome to the website, are you interested in politics? We could always use more diverse comment within this section. If not please feel free to contribute elsewhere.


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      Hello Gotno Gizmo , thanks for the welcome.
      Scotland will soon decide on her future via the referendum.
      The debate here on this very imprtant matter is largely submerged in propaganda and smear campaigns.... from both camps and for many this approach is a turn off and is not helping them make a considered .well informed decision, Some facts would maybe help stimulate worthy debate and genuinely help people decide.
      The Auld enemy thing, for ninety minutes at the rugby and football [ on the rare occasions we meet ] then everyone moves back in time and give it lash. Game over we are all football fans together!


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        Welcome to the forum Williesz. Look forward to getting to know you.

        See whats been posted in the past day.

        Contact forum moderators here.


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          Hello Stepanstas,
          thanks for the welcome. I have been browsing through the site and am finding plenty to read.

          The debate on the future of Ukraine is particularly interesting . I recall my Dad saying that when he returned to the village of his birth the place was literally unchanged from when he left arrested by the Gestapo as a seventeen year old. .I guess those living there must decide for themselves if this timelessness is what they ultimately want or not.
          In the Western Isles off Scotland that was the way also until the Islanders themselves pushed for change and this has came with astonishing speed.
          The older folk seem no just so happy with it all but the young folk are highly delighted. Anyway I shall read on with interest, atb, willie