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  • INVITE ONLY - app going VIRAL

    Are you RippLn? Get in on the fun and watch your ripple grow! You must pass the word by sharing with 5 players.... please don't accept an invite if you don't actually pass it on as this is all about rapid expansion of ALL of my ripples. Puddle makers need not apply!

    Top 4000th website traffic in the USA and this new MLM opportunity JUST launched it's soft launch so get in early! It's booming and is the buzz around the marketing world.

    Email me for an invite!

    It's invite only so get on board.

    <a href="">Click here to watch a video and then email me for an exclusive invite!</a>

    A new type of social media - marketing -networking site. It's free just to Ripple and spread the word about the app (which unlocks more info - I can't disclose past that due to NDA). You don't need to participate in purchasing the product once it opens to the public but if you are good at marketing/sharing, you may want to consider it. Either way, just watching your ripple grow and see where it goes is really fun and the app is cool. Addicting like Facebook was when it first came out