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  • Searching for Alya

    In 1998 I visited Odessa as part of 22 Marine Expeditionary Force aboard the USS Austin. I met Alya on the pier. She had long dark hair, snow white skin, piercing eyes, and a beautiful voice. She walked past me and I asked her if she spoke English. She told me she did but she wanted to go and see the battleship that was with our group. Long story short I met back up with her later and got her phone number. The next day we went back out to sea to participate in exercises to assist the Ukraine with their membership into NATO.
    After 2 days at sea we ported again in Odessa. I called Alya but she couldn't come to the port because it was late at night, she told me she would meet me the following day with a friend to be introduced to my friend.
    We met the next day and she told me that she skipping her English class because she figured she would get a better lesson from me. We toured the city and spent the next two days together. We held hands and walked around the city.
    The last night I was there she allowed me to steal a kiss from her. We tried to write each other and e-mail was not as easily accessible to everybody at that time. It was one of the most memorable times in my life and I've thought about her often through out the years. She had dreams of traveling the world, and at the time she was trying to get a visa to attend a concert in Kiev.
    Her real name was Sasha but she didn't like the name because it was a boys name, so she went by Alya. I'm hoping that maybe some one knows her and can tell her I'm looking for her. I would just like to talk to her and see what she is doing now. I actually have a picture of us that I will try to post once I find it.

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    Does anyone know how I can broaden my search, or get my message out to more people??


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      Reply to tristan.ruark

      I have to say that with nearly all of the readership and contributors of this forum not actually living in Ukraine, the possibilities of anyone being able to identify Alya with the information available is zero.
      As 14 years has passed, don't you think that you are chasing a dream? Assuming she was young then, she is probably married with children now.

      I believe that if Alya was really of a mind that she wanted to meet you again, she would have made sure that you were at least in possession of a mobile telephone number, or in the absence of this a postal address.

      Loneliness can create illusions and if, you like me, find Ukrainian women delightful, there are many ladies here looking for sober, reliable and considerate met. Usually because of male alcoholism, good Ukrainian women can find themselves widows as young as 43, but there are younger unmarried ladies looking for (particularly USA, Canadian, or other western) partners.
      Take the time to peruse: TAU2 it is not a rip off website and you will find plenty of Ukrainian ladies to arouse your interest.


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        I'm not looking for love or anything like that just looking to see if I can find her and see how she is doing.


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          I'm not looking for love or anything like that just looking to see if I can find her and see how she is doing. At any rate it was nice of you to unsuccessfully analyze why I was looking for this woman. You’re well spoken and insightful but maybe a little condescending and judgmental because your shallow?? You certainly weren't helpful. I just want to find her and talk to her for a story I'm researching as well.