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    Hard win amid heavy rain: Ukraine beat Kosovo in World Cup Qualifying match Ukraine have celebrated their UEFA World Cup 2-0 victory over Kosovo in a Group I qualifying match.
    UNIAN 07 Oct 2017

    The match, which was hosted by Albania's Shkoder on October 6 was initially in jeopardy because of heavy rain, but the artificial turf of the Loro Borici Stadium managed to pass all the tests.

    Despite the fact that the rain had stopped by the beginning of the game, it renewed with a new force in the middle of the first half and did not stop until the end of the game, but it did not stop the competition.

    As for the game itself, as was predicted by head coach of the Ukrainian national team Andriy Shevchenko, it has turned out to be extremely hard. The Ukrainian team spent the whole first half and the beginning of the second on looking for a way to the enemy's gates, but failed.

    With the help of the home team, Leart Paqarada secured a first goal (60' OG), which was followed by Andriy Yarmolenko's strike (87').

    Thus, the Ukrainian team got its very important win, which may become a ticket to the World Cup finals if Croatia loses in the last match of the group stage.

    The Ukraine-Croatia game is scheduled for October 9. It will start at 21:35 local time and will be hosted by Kyiv's Olimpiyskiy Stadium.

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    Ukraine not to play at World Cup 2018 in Russia after losing home game to Croatia Ukraine were defeated 0:2 by Croatia in Kyiv Monday night in the decisive round of the group qualification stage of World Cup 2018.
    UNIA 10 Oct 2017

    As a result, Ukraine dropped to the third place in qualification Group I giving way to Iceland who qualified from top spot and Croatia who still have a chance to slip into the finals through play-offs.

    Croatia’s MVP on Monday was Andrej Kramaric who made a double.

    Substitutions offered by Ukraine coach Andriy Shevchenko proved ineffective.

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      FIFA panicking over calls to boycott Russia-hosted World Cup - media
      UNIAN 19:10, 15 March 2018

      The organization has not spoken publically on the issue while its officials reportedly admit that following an ex-spy poisoning in UK the tension has reached a critical point.

      The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) is deeply concerned over the growing calls to boycott World Cup 2018 that is scheduled to be held in Russia.

      The organization formally retains silence, but in private conversations, some of its leaders acknowledge that "the poisoning of Colonel Skripal has been the straw that has filled the glass, and the tension is at its limit", according to Spain's AS publication.

      "FIFA is very worried. Moreover, they are panicking," the publication reports, adding that President Gianni Infantino "is not oblivious to what's been happening, although he doesn’t show it".

      "Nothing indicates that the tensions will subside. On the contrary, they aim to escalate, which puts the World Cup 2018 at risk," reads the report.

      The great fear of FIFA is the World Cup. There will be a diplomatic blockade against Putin, which they will leave more alone than the one. But even above that risk is the total boycott of the World Cup, with the threat of resignation from several countries.

      As reported earlier, British Prime Minister Teresa May confirmed that she would cancel all bilateral meetings with Russia's top officials, as well as the visits by members of the UK government and the Royal family to the World Cup 2018. The statement came amid accusations that Russia stood behind the poisoning on British soil of a former intelligence operative Sergei Skripal.

      The Foreign Office has also issued an alert to British fans planning to travel to Russia for the World Cup 2018 in the summer about possible anti-British sentiments and harassment threat during the tournament.

      British media reported that high-ranking officials from Poland, Japan, and Australia could join UK in boycotting the World Cup 2018 in case Russia's involvement in the case with the poisoning of Skripal was proved. The Football Federation of Poland later denied the report.

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        Syrian human rights organizations call for boycott of FIFA World Cup in Russia
        UAWIRE ORG March 16, 2018 9:00:59 AM

        More than 20 humanitarian and human rights organizations in Syria are asking the world’s leading countries to force Moscow to change its policies in Syria by threatening to boycott the World Cup, reports DW.

        On the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the beginning of the civil war in Syria, 22 organizations signed an appeal to the authorities of the United States, Germany, France and Britain on Thursday, March 15.

        According to the document, Russia will be sent a “clear signal” that it may face “serious consequences” if it does not use its influence on Syrian President Bashar Assad in order to force him to stop bombing.

        British Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed that British politicians may not go to the World Cup in Russia if it is proven that Moscow was involved in the poisoning of former intelligence agent Sergei Skripal. UAWire - Syrian human rights organizations call for boycott of FIFA World Cup in Russia

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          UEFA Champions League final: rates for Kyiv hotels, apartments sky-rocket
          Room prices soared to levels a hundred times above average.
          UNIAN 04 May 2018

          On the eve of the UEFA Champions League final hosted by Kyiv on May 26, all hotels intending to cash in on tourists have inflated prices to an unprecedented level, raising prices dramatically.

          On, 98% of the apartments for May 26 have already been booked, while fans or ordinary tourists are offered to pay for the remaining accommodation nearly UAH 100,000 (EUR 3,200 or GBP 2800) per day.

          In terms of price-quality ratio, Harmony on Andrew descent hotel, located in Kyiv's Podil district, is top search offer. While being able to enjoy a picturesque historical Kyiv district. However, guests will have to pay an astonishing UAH 190,000 ($7,255) for the night in this hotel on May 26, while the rate for June 2 is set at a mere UAH 550 ($21).

          A tourist can usually spend a night in a hotel in Kyiv's Lukyanivka historical neighborhood for UAH 1,200 ($46), while on the night of the UEFA Champions League final the price will soar 116 times, up to UAH 140,000($5,346).

          Room rate in a hotel located in the vicinity of Kyiv's central Khreshchatyk Street will stand at almost UAH 200,000 ($7,637), while it will be set at UAH 1,480 ($57) on June 1.

          Hotel Nyvky, located 12 kilometers from Kyiv's NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium, offers to book a room for UAH 98,000 (EUR 3,131), offering two single beds and a standard set of amenities (own shower, TV, and a kettle). Guests are also welcomed to admire a nice garden view. One can get to the stadium by ground municipal transport and metro, with one transfer. Uber costs UAH 100 (EUR 3), whereas on the match day, the prices are expected to increase. However, it is unlikely that the fee will be something unaffordable to foreign guests, even if it triples. The hotel confirmed that the room normally costing UAH 720 ($27), would be offered for almost UAH 80,000($3,055) on May 26, the TV news service TSN said.

          "This is the [UEFA] Champions League final, and prices are too high," a Nyvky hotel receptionist said, adding that the price hike is due to the football event and overall excitement, while no extra services will be provided. According to an expert in the hotel business, the practice of raising prices on a day when a big sports event is held is common for all countries. There were cases when hostels cost EUR 250 in EU countries.

          "For example, in Germany, spending a night in a bus equipped with bunk beds, as in trains, cost EUR 150," the expert said. Sharp increase in price usually does not scare away customers, he said.

          As UNIAN reported earlier, Real Madrid and Liverpool will face off in Kyiv May 26 for the major European football trophy.

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          Hannia - Hania - Mighthelp