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  • Euro 2016

    It's been a while since groups were selected, but I don't see a thread about it here. This is a group, where Ukraine is:

    1. Germany
    2. Ukraine
    3. Poland
    4. Northern Ireland

    First matches:

    Germany vs Ukraine
    Poland vs Northern Ireland

    Second matches:

    Germany vs Poland
    Ukraine vs Northern Ireland

    Third matches:

    Germany vs Northern Ireland
    Ukraine vs Poland

    Who will advance to the finals of the competition in your opinion? And maybe, who will win in particular matches?

    It is a bit sad that Poland and Ukraine are in same groups. With Germans again (for Poland).

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    Like you said, wont exactly be the best games to watch, but none the less, good luck to both teams. Both made it.

    See whats been posted in the past day.

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      Thankfully, there is a possibility that 3 teams will manage to advance to finals. I hope Poland and Ukraine will be there, but some strange feeling suggests Germans as well. If our teams will be able to defeat them, then we're fine, but draw is more likely than victory.

      Anyway, I think matches in that group will be worth of watching.


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        I have figured out now, that most likely scenario is advancing from 3rd place, due to total number of points. Unless our teams will screw something up - here I refer mostly to Poland, which is unpredictable and may lose even against Northern Ireland.

        I think that these teams from all groups will manage to advance to the finals:

        A: France, Romania and Switzerland
        B: England and Russia
        C: Germany, Poland and Ukraine
        D: Spain, Czech Republic and Turkey
        E: Belgium and Italy
        F: Portugal, Iceland and Austria.

        As far as I know only two teams from third places are unable to advance, and these teams in my opinion are located in groups B and E. Wales and Slovakia will probably have a draw against themselves and other matches will lose. Same goes with Ireland and Sweden. But Ireland is also a mystery - they are not a strong team, but hard to win against them.

        Even if Poland and Ukraine will have a draw against each other, and lose with Germans, I am almost sure both of these teams will win against Northern Ireland. It will give us 4 points, but if we will manage to have a draw with Germany, we will have 5 points. It seems to be enough.

        Well, I hope so.


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          We hope. I hope your predictions come true. :-)

          See whats been posted in the past day.

          Contact forum moderators here.