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Studying Medicine in CSMU, tough or not?

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  • Studying Medicine in CSMU, tough or not?

    Hello, everyone!!! I am Terrence Wong from Malaysia. Now, I would like ot ask you several questions, especially those who are studying medicine in CSMU. Actually, I am planning to studying medicine in Ukraine, but I need some guide, advice and views... Thank you..

    First, is that tough to learn Russian Language? Honestly, I think I can handle it, but most of my friends said it so tough, blaaa...... So, I need some concrict advice..

    Secondly, lets say I graduate already, then am I need to back to Malaysia and do my practical works? It's compulsory? Or can I do my practical works in other country?

    Thirdly, how is the weather of Ukraine all the year? Or like my friends said "COOL" all the year, then might be negative degree celsius... Or this kind of wearther just temporary?

    Thanks a lot for your opinions....

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    medicine in ukraine

    hello Terrance actuallly i opened ur post too see the replies but now i m giving neways actuallly i was supposed to go there last year but bcoz of 1 document i cud not make it but from the last 1 year i m trying to get info about it some of my frnds r studying there welll coming 2 point when u want 2 cum bck malaysia u have to get through a screening test as ukriane is not recognised by mmc n da temp is da worst part it goes down -30 degree celsius also n about russian i am trying to learn it through english russian reader its not dat tough .....i am in the same dilemma as u r ... take care


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      Hi, Terrence
      Hope you find some CSMU graduates or students here
      Still, I think you'd better ask your questions directly. Check Oficial CSMU site. Main page for the details and contacts.
      Be aware there're several websites of CSMU in the net. This one seems to be official......
      As for the weather, we may call "warm" what your friends call "cool" Sure, it might be below zero in winter As for me, Crimea is a great place to live in, especially for a student.

      Good luck.
      Happiness is not a station you arrive at,
      but a manner of traveling