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Wishes of the youth for the world summit in Geneva 2003

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  • Wishes of the youth for the world summit in Geneva 2003

    To all those who want to make a difference!

    My name is Jan Käding. I work for the Global Contract Foundation in Hamburg, Germany. Together with the youth organisation YOIS (Youth for Intergenerational Justice and Sustainability) we are collecting wishes send to us by young people worldwide on the following topic:

    What children and young pupil want from the WSIS ( World Summit on the Information Society)

    You can find on the project platform under the address a collection of wishes and requests from young people to the world leaders at the next World Summit in Geneva. So that young people from all over the world can all exchange their hopes and dreams.

    How do you imagine your future to be? What changes would you like to see the politicians make in Geneva?

    I believe that you are all what we are looking for? If you are interested then please add your wish to our project platform or email me at Please don’t forget to include your name, age and the country you are from.

    Look forward to hearing from you


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    Hello Jan,
    Having gone through your message through the website,I have the personal urge and challenge to know more about this organisation and to be participant in future conferences that will involve youth development,please you can mail me through,