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    Dear Sirs!

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      OKAY GUYS I REALLY NEED SOME INFO! I currently study at Kharkov National Medical uni, about to start my 6th and final year as a med student. I know now that ukraine is not part of eu and there were better options to have gotten a stronger medical degree. But i am alredy here, i got 1yr left so am looking for options. I go to all classes, u can call me a student in the 'very good' category. The thing is, I didn't start self studying until abt a year ago so a lot of my knowledge is based on the what the teachers taught me (some subjects u have a teacher who doesn't understand eng well/lazy teacher, and others u have a great teacher). So now i have to decide my future. I am thinking of studying in my final yr and taking a step of the USMLE but i am scared i may not have enough time or may not get a good enough mark. I heard i could go to another european country and do a postgrad in english if i am lucky but i don't know if that is a good idea. I have also been told i could try canadian exams or apply for Australian postgrad also after their exams. I am from an English speaking African country and i am really desperate to do pstgradute somewhere abroad preferably countries like us, uk, australia, canada, or better still europe. I heard Uk is not very advisable though. And another thig, i a not so boxed up with cash, i could afford something up to 8000$ per annum but i am still willing to listen to all options. SO GUYS I REALY NEED SOME ADVICE AND INFO CUS I M NOT VERY WELL INFORMED ABOUT OPPORTUNITIES and i don't wanna make another mistake like ukraine. PLEASE PLEASE HELP A GOOD SOUL anybody with info. I know there will be others similar to me reading these forums. Feel free to communicate, i know a lot about ukraine. Lets help each other