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Need info on Holodomor

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  • Need info on Holodomor

    Hey guys
    Writing a paper on the Holodomor, and just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction

    what are some general claims that both the ukrainian side and russian side make when they go at it on the legitimacy of the famine?

    for example, one argument russians make is that "not only ukrainians died, so that means they werent specifically targetted"

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    This is a good article.
    One of the major differences from Russia is that Ukrainians were not allowed to leave the area they were registered in - they had no escape
    The Ukrainian Famine of 1932-1933 as an Act of Genocide - Christina Maslo
    Find materials of the court proceedings on Holodomor in Kyiv held just before the elections.


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      thanks, thats definately something that ill read and put into my research!

      but any of the general arguments russians make? or ukrainians? still that i can argue is BS, really


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        reading first hand and eye witness testimonials of what happened today was really moving to say the least.

        i think disgusted is a better word. the muscovites disgust me.


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          bw, got an A+


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            Well done


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              Need info on Holodomor

              Hi Irene:
              Congratulations on your great marks. I am sure it took lots of work!!

              If you are interested, a site I like to look at is at Encyclopedia of Ukraine It has taken several years to complete but is really interesting and written without a Moscow influence You might find some interesting facts there. I just sent this address to a cousin in Chernivtsi who is attending university there.