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Eurovision- 2009. Today is final !

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  • Eurovision- 2009. Today is final !

    Later today in Moscow starts the final competition of Eurovision -2009. Semi-finals ( especially the 2nd one ) were very spectacular as fro me. Ukrainian competitor Loboda presents magnificent show and sings very well. Another Ukrainian Pryhodko will sing for Russia and her song is partly in Ukrainian. There will be many more wonderful singers .

    Listen and vote for Ukraine if you can ! We have all chances to win or take a very high position at least.

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    YouTube - Eurovision 2009 - Russia - Anastasia Prihodko - Mamo

    This girl has some Tatar blood in her,I'm sure.Not only she looks it,but she LOVES horses,too.

    I desided not to vote,for one reason-I can not vote for both Ukraine and Russia at the same time....

    PS.Westerners say that Italian language is the best for classic opera singers.I strongly disagree!Ukrainian is far more melodical(???) and better sounding,than anything else.(and I don't speak Ukrainian too good,BTW)


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      Tough choice.

      I support Ukraine but do I support Ukrainian language more?

      I loved both of the performances (UA and RU). I'm gonna nag but I didn't like Svetlana because of her name.

      Either way, I love what she did. This is the first time that I have seen Ukrainians flags up on stage in Eurovision. That was really awesome of her. (and there were 2 of them). Right on.

      Rankings: Eurovision Song Contest 2009 Final | Final | Eurovision Song Contest - Moscow 2009

      Click on rank on the right to sort by rank. Russia beat Ukraine but I think its still good. Wish we would have won but ehh.

      Russia - 11th place
      Ukraine - 12th place

      See whats been posted in the past day.

      Contact forum moderators here.


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        His name is Alexander Rybak . Originally his family is from Belorussia ( Vitebsk). They left for Norway when he was 4. They all speak Russian and the tune of his song was absolutely Slavik. Former Ukrainian winner of Eurovision Ruslana told about it. He is an excellent singer. How could we not vote for him ?