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Illegal satellite signals affect movies and series

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  • cansouth
    started a topic Illegal satellite signals affect movies and series

    Illegal satellite signals affect movies and series

    A private person has hacked several satellites and sends out illegal signals probably all over the world. The signals make people behave physical different than normal.

    1. People use their hands more to touch their faces, cheeks, chins, mouths and their heads in general.

    A) On APECs meeting on Saturday 19. of November 2005 in Busan in South-Corea, CNN sent pictures of states leaders wearing traditional clothes. On the video it was possible to observe the kind of hand movements which the satellite signals increase. It was easy to observe them. The state leaders made these hand movements more then normal, because of illegal satellite signals.

    B) Of the trial against Saddam Hussein in Bagdad, CNN also sent pictures. The people who sat beside and behind Saddam Hussein also made these kind of hand movements. Because of illegal satellite signals they made these kind of hand movements more then they normally would have done.

    The person on the left on the photo and the person on the right on the photo make these kind of hand movements which have increased because of illegal satellite signals.

    C) Here are some other examples of the hand movements which have increased in frequency:,...795598,00.html,,1795116_1,00.jpg

    D) These kinds of hand movements are not necessarily unnatural, but they appear more often now, because of the illegal satellite signals. If you compare these events to other earlier events, you should be able to see the difference in frequency of these hand movements. The illegal signals which increase these movements may have started around Saturday 19. of November 2005.

    2. Another effect from these satellite signals is that people blink more with their eyes than before. It is especial easy to observe this on news reporters and news presenters on television. It is especial easy to observe the blinking increase on tv channels like Bloomberg and Sky News. The illegal satellite signals which increase the eye blinking, may have started around 6. of June 2005.

    3. People also move more staccato then normal. Peoples movements are not so soft as normal This is also a result of illegal satellite signals.

    4. It seems to be that people who relax physically, for example Saddam Hussein and the other accused, react more visibly on the satellite signals which lead to more hand movements to the face.

    Also for example politicians which sit in parliaments and listen to speeches, seem to react more visibly on the signals which increase the frequency of these mentioned hand movements.

    While people who are concentrated, for example news presenters, react more visibly on those satellite signals which increase more blinking with their eyes.

    5. These visible results of the illegal satellite signals, will be visible on films and series which are being produced now.

    If you observe these results, you can report it to Interpol, in an attempt to stop the hacker.

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    Here is a link to a website where information about the satellite hacking is collected:

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    I am not a technical expert, but I think it is like this:

    A. The person which has hacked satellites, probably uses private equipment to reach the satellites directly. Then the companies, which are technical responsible for the satellites, do not observe the hacking.

    B. Normal satellite signals are so large that they do not get into the brains of human beings. But the hacker sends very fine small signals which enter inside peoples brains. These signals then hit nerve systems or functions systems in peoples brains. Then the hacker can make human beings behave different than normal.

    C. Thin metal protection will probably not help. Normally the brain cranium stops at least large parts of satellite signals.

    The illegal satellite signals are so fine (high-resolution) that they enter through the cranium and metal.

    When hospitals do brain scanning, signals enter through the brain cranium.

    Articles about brain scanning:

    D. If you observe the increase in the mentioned hand movements, you can report it to:


    The Swedish government

    The Norwegian government

    The German government

    The Spanish government

    The Swiss government

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    Two more photos with hand movements which are typical results of the illegal satellite signals:

    The judge in the Saddam Hussein trial:

    Norwegian minister Kristin Halvorsen:

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