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Looking for a native/fluent English speaker in Kiev

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  • Looking for a native/fluent English speaker in Kiev

    Hello everybody,

    Our names are Yuriy and Natalya. We help with learning English to residents of the Kiev's New Darnitsia district. Our club is located on the Borispolskaya street at a distance from the city center. From Khreshchatyk metro station is about 20 minutes by car, by public transport is about an hour.

    Now we're looking for a native/fluent English speaker which could take part in our conversational meetings.

    Such meetings are held on Fridays from 17.00 till 21.00
    17.00 - 18.00 children from ten to twelve years old
    18.00 - 19.30 teenagers
    19.30 - 21.00 adults

    All people are very good, clever, intelligent, occupied of different professions. But they are not very wealthy and do not have the opportunity and time to attend the expensive language courses in the Kiev center. Our elementary children club also visits some orphaned children, children from large families, and children whose parents are fighting in the war.

    I invite you to lead our conversation clubs on Fridays. Also since our members are working in different sectors and have various background they can help you improve your Russian or Ukrainian pretty fast.

    I'll pay you for taxi every time after the finish of club on the back way.

    Also, we'll teach you Ukrainian or Russian at a convenient time for both of us and can provide some guided tours on Sundays.

    Thank you.