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  • Holy Crap - They Talk Fast

    Thanks to Hannia the Wonderful, I'm making my way through a treasure trove of riveting u-tubes from Ukraina, which she linked in the Hayivky thread. Just marvelous - and now cutting into my sleeping time!

    Some of the u-tubes are newscasts from Ukraine - also great to get the news right from where it's being made.

    Hannia's provided links from many different parts of Ukraine. What I'm discovering is that it seems that Ukrainians in Ukraine talk really, really, really, really fast. I mean greased lightning fast. Wow. I can barely understand them due to the pace.

    Have they always talked that way?

    It seems to me that the Halychan community here in Chicago talk much more slowly. Actually, at the same pace as Americans speak.

    Another peculiarity popped out. I though I heard one reporter use the word "fixed". I think she said "s'fixovani".

    English creeping into Ukrainian's common here in North America - but how and why would it happen in Ukraine?

    Inquiring minds want to know.
    Ԧ - ئ

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    It's normal that English words are present in other languages. Unfortunately.


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      To me most are saying what sounds like one word that's about a paragraph long! I know just enough to pick out a word now and then so I can almost follow the conversation.
      BUT when they use UA and Russian at the same time in the same sentence it really gets confusing.

      Retirement sucks! You never get a day off!!!