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    We must remember!

    September 1, 1939 – beginning of WWII – a memory of this day makes many people tremble. Nazi government of Germany turned a bad dream into a terrible reality. Tomorrow, presidents and prime ministers of many European countries meet in Gdansk (Danzig) where first bombs exploded seventy years ago. Chancellor of Germany and Prime Minister of Russia will attend. Prime ministers of Ukraine and Poland will be present, too. Reading this thread again I see clearly that WWII topic is still on our minds. WWI, historically only 20 years older, attracts much less attention.
    Probably those Europeans who lived out WWI and were about to face WWII, lacked imagination as to what war can be.


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      hi viking,

      imo, war between nazi germany and soviet russia was unavoidable. if hitler didn't attack russia in 41, stalin would attack germany, at the latest in 42-43. imo suworow - russian spy, who becames a historian, has right. stalin wants to bleed europe using european hands to do it. to realise this plan, german army should by busy fighting in western europe, leaving estern border unsecured. then, stalin could stab hitlers ass. hitler has no other choice, but he make fatal mistake. he postponed barbarossa operation and attacked too late.


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        Eighty years ago, on September 1, 1939 a terrible, tragic war started as Nazi Germany bombarded Polish territory and soon swallowed Poland in one month. Hitler was brutal enough to start WWII without any excuse, yet he hardly tried to find one.
        I remembered we forumers discussed the topic passionately years ago and Hannia put a post trying to justify German claims because of one border incident that took place one day before the war. I think Hannia just did not acquire information on what sort of event it was. Germans arranged a perfidious provocation in Gliwice (German name Gleiwitz). Gleiwitz was then located on German side, a couple miles away from the German-Polish border. Seven SS officers posing as Polish partisans terrorized radio station and killed one innocent man dressed in the Polish army uniform in place. Please, read the interesting article about it:
        Similar event in Bydgoszcz (German name Bromberg) was exploited by Nazi Germany propaganda machine headed by infamous Goebbels in September 3-4, 1939.
        Yesterday, on September 1, 2019 many world presidents gathered in Warsaw in order to honour the war victims and to issue one more anti-war warning to the world.