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The Fantastic Laboratory of Dr Weigl (book)

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  • The Fantastic Laboratory of Dr Weigl (book)

    Another great book that has been recently published is

    The Fantastic Laboratory of Dr Weigl by Arther Allen, published by WW Norton and Company, 2014, ISBN: 978-0-393-35104-0

    The German leadership was concerned about typhus affecting the army..The only scientists at the time who had the skills to develop a vaccine were not part of the Nazi regime.

    From the back of the book:

    From a surrealistic lab in wartime Poland, comes the untold story of two brave scientists, a Christian and a Jew, resisting everything to resist the Nazis. Rudolf Weigl- granted special status by the Gestapo to produce his revolutionary typhus vaccine-used his lab to hide members of the intelligentsia, while shipping diluted vaccines to the Wehrmacht and smuggling potent versions into Polish ghettos. Among the lab workers was Ludwik Fleck, a gifted Jewish immunologist, who helped sabotage sadistic medical trials after being sent to Buchenwald. together their dedication to objective medicine in the face of brutal ideological pressure stands as one of the great acts of moral and intellectual heroism of World War II.

    Warning: the book does contain descriptions of barbaric medical research carried out in the concentration camps.