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Each of us has a story to tell.

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    I remember this topic from the old days. How ya be doin "Z'



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      hehehe that is a story indeed Mr. Behemot
      I enjoyed it very much.

      I recall an evening of recent memory...

      One was of cliff diving at 12:30am somewhere in British Columbia... most of us, thoroughly inebriated. Anyway, back to cliff diving, we were all taking turns trying to outdo each other with flips and spins and other fancy, crazy maneuvers. So it came down to me and another girl- we had outdone everyone else- whoever lost this one had to accept the other's dare. I went first, and executed my drunken concoction of spins and twists.
      And then the girl... the gang judged me the winner- later I realized she probably outdid me, but when it came to dares they knew there was no limit for myself.

      As for the dare- streak in the nude from our cliff to the end of a public beach.... usually deserted that time of night. Fairly tame really, it could have been a lot worse. Unbelievably she stripped down and jogged off into the evening, while we were behind half amazed, but still giddy none the less. The kicker is she didn't get 100 feet away when a motion detector lamp went off, exposing the poor girl in all her birthday suit gloriness, to a late night barbeque of thirty somethings on a lackfront property. Oh yeah she was fully exposed, and everyone there had a real GOOD look. She managed a scream and took a beeline for the water.

      Funny thing is the girl and I hooked up and spent the rest of that summer together. She did get me back for that one, but that my friends, is another story...


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        Sweet story


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          Interesting stories


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            Vodka is the best

            Vodka is the best to drink when you are with friends ! in my country (Ukraine)
            (help cleaning the soul )
            And I dont like shampaine .
            With vodka there is no fear !
            I never try to be a hero by drinking and driving cause I care about people who is outhere and people with me in a car.
            But I like to drink with friends or just good people
            When I was leaving tree years ago go to New york from my home town Uzhgorod I was very sad I didn't want to leave and so on I got on the traine by mistace I have had Plackart not Cupe section On the way I met Provodnika and he buy us a beer and later vodka so by the end everybody was drunk and even Provodnik
            We cross the border of Russia all drunk.

            My point is that drinking help me to travel away from my home town for the first time
            I didn't now what to expect in new york with no friends no close family and I didn't now english at all!
            Vodka help to be fearless at any time sad or hapy

            Truly speaking


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              Originally posted by Zhenya
              Skinner, you suck.
              You destroyed the whole spirit of my message. Stop being so boring and start living, will ya?

              This is one of those "destroy the spirit of message" posts so don't read it if you don't want to, but I'd appreciate if you did. So anyway...

              About 2 weeks ago a drunk driver lost control of his car and ran into 3 kids that were playing in the driveway of their house. One was killed, two others were badly injured. About 4 days ago another drunk driver hit a car. He escaped from the scene of accident, but 20 minutes after that he lost conrol of his car and ran into a man with three children who were walking on the sidewalk. The 6-year old child was killed, the man and the other two children were seriously injured and may never fully recover. Another drunk driver didn't notice the STOP sign and hit a car: killed himself and the woman who was driving that car.
              These are true stories that happened in MY neighbourhood, on the streets where I drive every day. I just don't want to be killed by an idiot who had a couple of beers at the party and was stupid enough to drive.

              I mean think about it, is it really worth taking someone's life away? It's not a situation when you can just say "sorry, won't happen again"... And that guy who killed a 6-year old kid will really "start living" now... in a jail.

              Get drunk, but DON'T DRIVE being drunk...



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                A few of my friends drink and drive quite often. I don't really mind because they have a remarkable ability to drive while under the influence. Anyways, I can't even begin to think of the most amount I've had to drink in one night, or the most ridiculous thing that happened afterward, but at the moment I can think of the time I beat up a bouncer at some would-be bar/club for next to nothing and then jumped on cars in the parking lot. That was pretty dumb, I admit. I can't wait until I go to Ukraine and Russia. I'll probably end up drinking more vodka than water.


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                  Originally posted by Zhenya View Post
                  Skinner, you suck.
                  You destroyed the whole spirit of my message. Stop being so boring and start living, will ya?

                  I think Zhenya was doing this:


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                    His pet might eat him ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                      I am not an expert, but I sincerely hope that the picture is fake (Photoshop or something like that). It is too scary to be the real thing.


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                        I really enjoyed reading these interested stories guys. Zhenya..!! You opened here an interested topic my friend. While once my friend was drunk and he he was getting scared from a cat. According to his imagination that was turned into a big fat lion. LOL we all were laughing and he was crying, I can never forget those moments.