Visit the Park of Iron Sculptures in Donetsk

Believed to be the only park of its kind, the Forged Figures Park, or Park of Iron Sculptures, located in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk was established in 2001 and has become one of the city’s more unusual attractions. Often referred to as the City of a Million Roses, the rose is a much-loved symbol of Donetsk, and so it was especially fitting that the first wrought iron sculpture to be displayed in the park was a bouquet of roses. Ten more sculptures were added to the park and soon the interest in the sculptures had grown to the extent that an annual festival, referred to as the Roses of Donetsk, was being held in the park, giving sculptors the opportunity to display their forged iron artworks to the public.

By 2004, sculptors and crafters from all over Ukraine traveled to Donetsk to participate in the annual festival. At the end of the festival many of the works of art were donated to the park, and so the collection grew. Sculptures began to be arranged in themes along pathways, with the first themed section displaying the Signs of the Zodiac. The next themed alley featured twelve Fairy Tale characters, with the most recent being the Alley of Arches, featuring ten decorative archways with benches below them.

The festival in the park started attracting sculptors from beyond the borders of Ukraine, with artists from Russia and Holland participating in the 2011 event. The festival has been expanded to include competitions and workshops, providing a venue for new wrought iron artists to learn from those more experienced, as well as providing an opportunity for the sharing of ideas and promoting interest in this fascinating form of art.

The Park of Iron Sculptures started as a joint project between the City Council of Donetsk and local businessman Viktor Burduk, who donated the first wrought iron figures. The collection has grown to more than ninety sculptures – each of which is unique. With beautifully landscaped gardens, paved pathways, huge trees, park benches and an array of fascinating sculptures, the park is popular with both locals and visitors to the vibrant city of Donetsk in Ukraine. </