“Ukraine Invites” – A Tourism Initiative

When planning a vacation, few people consider Ukraine to be an ideal tourist destination. They may not realize that there is so much to explore and discover in the country, and that Ukraine is a country filled with magnificent destinations and breathtaking attractions. Ukraine boasts a rich culture and history, and the attractions in the country include large landscaped parks, ancient castles, fascinating museums, beautiful national parks and stunning opera houses.

Art and entertainment can be found in almost every city and it seems that all the destinations in Ukraine have something unique to offer. In an effort to promote tourism and create awareness in other countries in regard to what Ukraine has to offer, the Culture and Tourism Ministry have launched a campaign called “Ukraine Invites”.

The Ukraine Invites campaign is an international advertising project that consists of billboards in all the big European cities and television advertisements on channels such as National Geographic and Euronews. The billboard campaign includes cities such as Budapest, Warsaw and Prague, and with the Reader’s Digest magazine reaching readers across the globe adverts have also been place in the French, Italian and German distribution copies. Because Ukraine is trying desperately to increase the number of tourists who visit the country during winter, it is running the campaign throughout the winter season. It is hoped that this large scale project will increase the flow of tourists in 2008. The Ukraine Invites campaign has been the largest advertising project for tourism that has ever been launched by the country, and its efforts have known no limits.

The Carpathian Mountains are a great attraction in Ukraine, as is the moderate climate. The Culture and Tourism Ministry have focused their efforts on promoting the mountains and the activities surrounding them. The mountains are blanketed in some of the most exquisite fauna and flora, and visitors enjoy hiking through the magnificent landscapes. Hiking routes and trails take nature enthusiasts on a journey surrounded wildlife and plants.

So for the rest of the winter season, Ukraine will be seen in magazines, on the television, on billboards and in transportation stations around the world; giving foreigners a glimpse into the beauty and magnificence of Ukraine. The campaign hopes to tempt them into visiting and raising their curiosity in regard to all the attractions and architectural wonders that await them.