Medical Tourism in Ukraine

There is a growing trend on a world-wide scale for people in need of medical care to travel across international borders to obtain the best, and most cost-effective, medical care available. This is generally referred to as “medical tourism” or “health tourism” and is a combination of healthcare and leisure, aimed at rejuvenating the patient mentally, physically and emotionally. Ukraine is the medical tourism destination of choice for many who are in need of dental work, eye surgery, cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery and relief from a host of illnesses. Ukraine offers world class medical facilities, as well as the ideal surroundings to aid a rapid recovery.

Medical tourism is by no means a new concept. For example in the 18th century in England, it was popular to visit spas and sanitariums that touted the therapeutic benefits of the mineralized waters, claiming to offer relief for just about anything from liver to lung disorders. The term “spa” is believed to have originated from the name of the Belgian town, Spa, where since medieval times the iron bearing spring water was used to treat a number of illnesses caused by iron deficiency, and people traveled from far and wide for this water.

Dental services offered in Ukraine are considered to be in line with the best in the world. The city of Lugansk in south-eastern Ukraine is home to the Edenta Dental Clinic, which specializes in medical tourism. Patients are assured of top quality care at extremely competitive prices, while their every need will be taken care of by clinic staff, from when they land at Lugansk airport, until they leave. Patients are encouraged to enjoy seeing the sights in this beautiful part of Ukraine and clinic staff will make all the necessary arrangements in this regard.

Someone who wants to undergo cosmetic surgery of any sort may prefer to have this done in more privacy that they would have at home. Ukraine has a number of clinics offering cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Combining a cosmetic procedure with a recovery period in a tranquil setting or exploring the sights and sounds of Ukraine, may be just what is needed for the patient to be in the right frame of mind to return home.

Ophthalmology clinics in Ukraine have great experience in the use of Excimer Laser in treating various eye ailments. This incredibly precise ultra violet laser is very effective in corrective eye surgery. The clinics arrange treatment sessions in such a way that patients can also make the most of their visit to Ukraine and have the opportunity to visit some of the many tourist attractions that bear testimony to the culture and history of this fascinating country.

Other medical tourism facilities in Ukraine include health spas where visitors can enjoy therapeutic mineral springs, traditional Russian baths (similar to a sauna), good food and plenty of pampering, ensuring that the patient returns home feeling a whole lot better than before.