May the Woman of My Dreams be in Ukraine?

It’s not unusual to hear about a man or a woman who is so busy with a professional life that he or she simply is left out of the dating scene. Don’t you agree there is something fundamentally wrong about it? I have been a matchmaker for “A Mordinson Introduction” in Ukraine for more than 10 years now and it’s amazing to see how our clients are first very skeptical about the possibility of meeting a real Ukrainian woman and then, once they actually come here to Kharkov, how amazed they are to meet single local women and the success ratio is great!

Nowadays people often forget to date, get married and have families with children. Wake up! Yes, the money’s important, but what is good about having money and not having a loyal wife to buy things for and kids to send them to best schools? For most singles out there it’s not a matter of whether they want to date or not, it’s a matter of where and how can one find a good date.

Advice number 1: Believe in your success! Before each date tell yourself: “This could easily be her/him!” No crops grow without rain from the sky, so yes you will need some luck, but hey, let’s take it for granted that you have not enraged the Lord too many times in your life and He still does love you a lot.

Advice number 2: Be active in your pursuit. You do have a soul mate or second half of your soul and until you find it you aren’t complete. Also know that you were indeed one thing initially. Wise men said that the man who doesn’t have a wife should act like a man who lost a treasure. If you lost a watch would you wait until somebody brings it to you, or would you go and search for it? I am sure you would go look for it! And the right person in your life is a treasure indeed.

Advice number 3: Don’t turn down offers of your friends to meet their friends, this can sometimes work pretty well, however, if you feel that you simply don’t meet the kind of people you are interested in, don’t hesitate to use professional help. There are matchmaking companies both in the US and abroad that can provide the help.

Article contributed by Michael Mordinson
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