Healing Powers of Saki’s Mud

Near the Black Sea, approximately forty-five kilometers from Simeforol, in Crimea, Ukraine, is the picturesque town of Saki. It has a diverse and fascinating community, which is a blend of Jews, Russians, Tatars, Poles, Armenians and many others. Saki is surrounded by breathtaking beaches and magnificent scenery, but is famous for its spas, clinics and sanatoriums. Here, visitors to Ukraine can find genuine peace, tranquility and revitalization. It is a destination like no other, where the beauty of hot springs, lakes and cool ocean breeze creates an amazing setting, and wellness and therapy are the attractions.

Saki is legendary for the mud it uses in its spas for treatment. A lot of effort goes into cultivating the mud, which possesses special healing qualities. In fact, Saki is one of two places in the world that makes this specific mud. It is moved from tank to tank at certain periods during the two year process, so that the micro-organisms can create the mud. After the two years, the mud is ready to be used in the sanitoruim and spas, and patients undergo treatments with the mud to relieve pain and get treated for a wide variety of ailments. It used to be that only the rich and military authorities were able to make use of the sanitorium, but Saki and its centers are now open to local and international visitors.

The oldest spa resort in Crimea, Saki is visited for many reasons, as their clinics and spas offer a range of treatments including climatotherapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, messages and therapeutic mud treatments. The Sanitorium in Saki also assists quadriplegics and those with musculoskeletal disorders, cardio vascular deficiencies and blood circulation problems. Saki has become a leading destination in Ukraine for treatments and therapy, and attends to thousands of patients each year. People come from far to receive help here for ailments and pain, or just to recharge after being drained by a busy year. In between therapies or spa treatments, visitors will be able to explore Saki, its monuments, wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. It is the perfect destination to relax and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.