GogolFEST Contemporary Arts Festival in Kiev

Established in 2007 by the President of DAKH Contemporary Art Center in Kiev, Vlad Troitskyi, GogolFEST was initiated by a group of Ukrainians who wanted to bring all aspects of the country’s contemporary art scene to their fellow Ukrainians and to the world. GogolFEST is the first, and indeed the only, multidisciplinary arts festival held in Ukraine, presenting to the public a wide variety of contemporary arts, including audiovisual installations, visual arts, contemporary music and dance, experimental theater, film screenings and literary discussions. The Festival provides a platform for both leading artists and new names to present their work to a wide audience.

Named in honor of Ukrainian-born Russian author and playwright Nikolai Gogol, the festival highlights the similarities and differences between the two Slavic cultures. His Ukrainian upbringing is evident in his early works, including his collection of short stories Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka written in 1831-1832. Some of his later works leaned toward satire based on Russian politics, which led to him being exiled, while his novel Taras Bulba and his play Marriage showed the romantic side of this multifaceted literary genius.

In addition to displaying Russian and Ukrainian contemporary art, GogolFEST also hosts international artists. GogolFEST 2013 will take place on 13-22 September at the Art Factory in the Vydubichi industrial zone of Kiev. Since GogolFEST 2012, this area has been undergoing a transformation with plans to turn it into a vital hub of contemporary arts in Ukraine. Don’t miss this fantastic event which will feature theater, music, literature, cinema, visual art, workshops, programs for children, eco-oriented programs and “CircFabrique” – a new concept where professional circus artists and directors will push the boundaries to integrate their performing art with the different aspects of contemporary art presented at the festival. The film category of the festival will be dedicated to the subject of finding perfect solutions to various social issues, not through the trend of protest, but through a creative process of change and development .