Fun in the Snow at Bukovel Ski Resort

The construction and development of the Bukovel Ski Resort has not only made skiing on maintained slopes possible in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, but has created facilities and accommodation for international visitors to plan a skiing holiday here. Located just thirty kilometers outside of Yaremcha, in Ukraine, the resort is easily accessible and is already preparing for a busy 2020-2021 skiing season.

Visitors to the Bukovel Ski Resort will find all the luxuries and attractions that are available at any European resort. There are high speed chair lifts, snow-making machines to maintain the slopes and professional personnel. The skiing and snowboarding areas have been meticulously designed to avoid congestion and to ensure that all facilities are conveniently located. Developments for the coming season include increasing ski runs from the present fifty kilometers to 278 kilometers and adding to the current fourteen lifts, to total thirty five. As soon as these goals have been achieved, the Bukovel Ski Resort will rank among the largest resorts on the planet.

The base elevation at Bukovel Ski Resort is approximately nine hundred meters above sea level, with the highest lift traveling to 1370 meters. There are slopes to everyone’s skiing abilities, so that beginners through to advanced skiers will feel comfortable. Night skiing is also available and the ski school is known for its professionalism and diversity. The school accommodates both adults of all levels of experience as well as children. The ski playground for children has been specifically designed to teach them the basic skiing skills in a controlled and fun environment, with equipment and games set up for easy learning.

First time skiers or winter sport enthusiast will be able to rent the latest skiing and snowboarding equipment and gear from the ski shop, which includes helmets, skies, cross country skies, snowmobiles, snow tubes and boards. Some of the other magnificent attractions and facilities include a discotheque, ice skating rink, restaurants, cafés, bars, sauna and skiing accessory and clothing stores.

A holiday would not be complete without exploring the surrounding area. Visitors can contact the tourism office at the resort to enquire about noteworthy excursions such as the Ivano Frankivsk– Echo of the Centuries, the Museum of Pysanka (Museum of painter Easter Eggs) or the Mysteries of Ancient Galychyna tours. Bukovel Ski Resort is a beautiful and exciting skiing destination in Ukraine, with all you could possibly need.