Buchach – A Lesser Known but Delightful Destination

Like most towns and cities in Ukraine, Buchach is a historic town that survived war and battles. With a population of approximately twelve thousand, Buchach is not a very big town, but the community is close knit. With its location on the Strypa River, the town is a beautiful destination to visit while touring Ukraine. It is quaint and surrounded by natural wonders. Located near Lviv, in the Ternopil Province, Buchach invites visitors to explore its rich history and discover the many noteworthy sights and attractions that it has to offer.

It is uncertain when exactly the town of Buchach was established as it is only mentioned in documents for the first time in the year 1397. Galicia had been under Polish rule for almost fifty years by then, and it was while the area was ruled by Poland that many Jewish, Polish and other community members relocated to Buchach. It was viewed as a shtetl, as the majority of the population that made the town their home was of the Jewish religion. A strong Jewish presence is still alive today, but many of the truly historic buildings have been destroyed to be replaced by new innovative structures, which many believe was a bid for residents to forget the past.

However, there are still a number of attractions that will be of interest to international tourists. The Buchach Old City Hall is definitely a noteworthy sight, as the building was collaboration between the well known sculptor Jan Jerzy Pinzel and Bernard Meretyn, who was an architect. The St. Mykola Church is another place of interest, as is the Taras Shevchenko monument and the old castle ruins. A few world famous people were also born in Buchach, such as the acting teacher Lee Strasberg, who was born in 1901, and the legendary Simon Wiesenthal, born in 1908, and better known as the man who demanded justice for many by pursuing war criminals. Buchach has numerous activities and landscapes to walk through, making the town of Buchach a recommended destination. Why not pay a visit to this place of history, myth and legend.