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The Zaporizhia Oblast (Zaporizhzhya) is one of the oblasts in Ukraine that shows a lot of potential for economic growth. Many port cities are located in the Zaporizhia oblast, with Zaporizhia being the capital of the region. The city of Zaporizhia was constructed on an old Cossack campsite and has been in existence since 1770. Industrialization in the city, and throughout the region, started in the 1930s.

The region is known for its grain production, steel mills, machinery, factories, magnesium plants and aluminum plants. A major role player in the economy of the oblast is the Zaporizhia Iron and Steel Works. It is the largest metallurgy plant in Ukraine and ranks amongst the top plants in the world. Other factories that are important to the region, and Ukrainian economy, are Electric Iron and Steel Works that concentrate on the production of stock plates; Zaporizhia Ferro Alloy Plant and the Zaporizhia Aluminum Integrated Works. Most of the products that are manufactured here are sold both nationally and internationally. This encourages foreign investors to take a second look at the Zaporizhia Oblast and has contributed to an increase the export productivity of the country.

But the Zaporizhia Oblast does not consist of work alone. There are many different cities and towns waiting to be explored, with various Ukrainian attractions and noteworthy sights. The new museum at the Kamayana Mohyla State History and Archaeology Reserve, which was officially opened in 2005, is guaranteed to be fascinating. The Zaporizhia Golf Federation was established in December 2004, offering both local and visiting golfers the opportunity for a challenging round of golf. Organized golfing started as a dream for Eugene Titorchuk, but the federation has grown tremendously and aims to continue promoting the sport of golf to the people of the Zaporizhia oblast. Many locals see sport as an activity only the wealthy can engage in, and Titorchuk is hoping to change their views.

The Zaporizhia oblast is an area filled with historical and beautiful towns, villages and cities. It has many natural sights and monuments of the past to visit. It is a vast region that is important to Ukraine and home to a world of splendor and treasured attractions.


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Costin - 2010-02-07 19:41:12

Hello, the handball team from my town, Stiinta Bacau, will play against Motor "ZNTU-ZAS" in Zaporozhye on the 21st of february 2010. I'd like to know if somemone could help me with a live score transmission from the hall. Thank you very much !

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