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Bubble art show by a Russian bubbleologist! [01:12]
A Russian performer showing off his bubble skills in India.... According to Wikipedia: Soap bubble performances is a combination of entertainment with artistic achievement which requires high degree of skills. Some performers use common commercially available bubble liquids while others compose their own solutions. Some artists create giant bubbles or tubes, often enveloping objects or even humans. Others manage to create bubbles forming cubes, tetrahedral and other shapes and forms. Bubbles are sometimes handled with bare hands. To add to the visual experience, they are sometimes filled with smoke, vapour or helium and combined with laser lights or fire. Soap bubbles can be filled with a flammable gas such as natural gas and then ignited. Thisfootage is part of the professionally-shot broadcast stock footage archive of Wilderness Films India Ltd., the largest collection of imagery from South Asia. The Wilderness Films India collection comprises of thousands of hours of high quality broadcast imagery, mostly shot on HDCAM 1080i High Definition, HDV and XDCAM. Write to us for licensing this footage on a broadcast format, for use in your production! We are happy to be commissioned to film for you or else provide you with broadcast crewing and production solutions across South Asia. We pride ourselves in bringing the best of India and South Asia to the world... Reach us at wfi @ and
Tags: india, asia, google, delhi, russia, moscow, ussr, georgia, ukraine, Vladimir, fan, yang, soap, bubble, bubbleologist, art, helium, smoke, flammable, natural, gas, vapour, foam, water, detergent, Soap Bubble (Art Subject)

Top 10 best Ulugbek Sobirov -- (Xorazm2011)(Dance,Music,Songs,Hits,Pop,Roc) (Uzbek songs 2011) [06:29]
Uzbek,Xorazm.Uzbekistan,Uzbek songs 2011 Ulugbek Sobirov 2011 xorazm cha yangi ashula u mening otamdur yuksak sifatli hd formatda marhamat tamosha qiling........................... Saathiya (badmash e dil) New Bollywood hindi Songs 2011 from bollywood movie Singham ft Ajay devgan and Kajal Agarwal by sherya ghosal New hindi bollywood movie trailer teaser exclusive official trailer full songs music video 2011 Force -Trailer (2011) Ft. John Abraham & Genelia Dsouza New Upcoming Movie 2011 Force New Hindi 2011 Trialer Indian Song 2011 Full song Promo HD Bollywood HITS SONGS July Hot official promo Action Horror singer Hd 720p bluray Hindi bolly Star Movies John Abraham Genelia Dsouza HoT Sexy best widscreen movie full force trailer Saathiya New Bollywood hindi Songs 2011 from bollywood movie Singham ft Ajay devgan and Kajal Agarwal by sherya ghosal trailer teaser exclusive official songs music video khan dolls india tamil preview kapoor malayalam teaser trailer telugu salman kerala kumar Force New Hindi 2011 Trialer Indian Song Full song Promo HD Bollywood HITS SONGS July Hot official promo Action Horror singer Hd 720p bluray bolly Star Movies John Abraham Genelia Dsouza HoT Sexy best widscreen movie full force trailer Hindi 2011 Trialer Indian Song Full song Promo HD Bollywood tarkan öp-tarkan kayıp-tarkan adımı kalbine yaz-tarkan işim olmaz-tarkan sevdanın son vuruşu-tarkan 2011-tarkan dudu-tarkan ajda pekkan düet-tarkan acımayacak-tarkan gitme-tarkan 2011 albüm-tarkan ...
Tags: Uzbek Music 2011, Xorazm 2011, Ulugbek Sobirov, Top, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, Dance, Music, Songs, Hits, Hit, Popular, Pop, Rock, Rap, Folk, Classic, New, 2008, 2009, 2010, Russian Music 2011, Ukraine Music 2011, Kazakh Music 2011, indian Music 2011, Bolllywo

Life In The Socialist North Korea Is Better Than America! [04:09]
★☭ KGB OFFICIAL REPORTS (INTERNATIONAL&IMPARTIAL) PARTISAN WORLD NEWS ★☭ A video of a pretty Korean girl heaping praise on the socialist system of the DPRK has gone viral in recent months. Her message is clear: life in her country is a socialist paradise, while in West poverty and chaos are rampant. The young woman, Pak Jin Jun, introduces herself as a student at Pyongyang Teacher's University. Throughout the video, Pak's voiceover praises the Korean socialist system, which guarantees a life of happiness and serenity to all of its residents. Jubilant scenes depict the whole family clapping their hands and singing. A far cry, she tells us, from the misery of the capitalist world that conspires against the great Kim Jong-Il, and where the people kill themselves and die of hunger.Beware of Confusionist Media !!! Let's all be friends. Long Live the Unity of the People of the World. Immediate and unconditional withdrawal of American and British troops from Iraq and Afghanistan !!! Immediate revolutionary  destruction of world capitalism !!! Rascism is a vermin that needs to be exterminated, we must stop hate other people just because they are different, dont hate them by creed or skincolour. Treat them like a Comrade. I dont prefer fighting as a first solution. But if any possible solution fails and the only thing left is fighting I will fight for Communism/Socialism. Electing someone to govern, who is ANTI-Communist, is much like hiring a child molester to babysit ...
Tags: Russia, China, India, Japan, Pakistan, Australia, Philippine, Canada, Alaska, Arizona, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France, I

Takbir Malam Raya - CSMU, Simferopol Ukraine II [03:24]
Aish, enam tahun sudah beraya di Ukraine. Suka duka pahit manis sudah menjadi rencam kehidupan. Malam raya pasti tidak meriah tanpa bertakbir berjemaah memuji kebesaran Illahi juga sebagai tanda meraikan kemenangan setelah sebulan menyempurnakan ibadah puasa. Pun begitu, inilah takbir terakhir pelajar-pelajar tahun enam. Sayu, semoga menjadi kenangan yang terabadi dalam lipatan memori sepanjang zaman, InsyaAllah. Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar!!
Tags: takbir, raya, aidlfitri, ukraine, csmu, simferopol

Berbuka Puasa di Ahrar Islamic Centre II [01:03]
di sini - yang berminyak tetapi sedap! Bagi mereka yang penting adalah - segalanya ringkas tetapi disambut penuh penghayatan pada apakah makna sebuah Ramadhan yang tiada siapa pun tahu akan bisakah bertemu lagi dengannya di tahun-tahun yang mendatang. Puncak segala kemeriahan itu adalah manisnya sebuah pengalaman yang mengajarkan aku bahawa; Islam itu tertegak di mana-mana sahaja walau di ceruk-ceruk serpihan sentuhan Soviet! ... Ramadhan puasa CSMU makan pelajar travelog Ahrar Ukraine ...
Tags: Ramadhan, puasa, CSMU, makan, pelajar, travelog, Ahrar, Ukraine, Simferopol

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