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Odessa Tour: Must-sees & Hidden Gems.m4v [02:31]
Called little Paris, the 19th century Odessa was the Southern capital and the most cosmopolitan city of Russian Empire. Its historic quarter still keeps the secrets of Odessa's past, which is a cocktail of funny stories cast in stone. See the hidden and ever so picturesque backstreets of the old city, enjoy the must-sees, sip a glass of wine at one of Odessa's restaurants with a local flavor. Walk through the broad beautiful streets where old money, European and Russian aristocracy, wealthy bourgeois lived next to each other. Glamorous residences, century old trees -- you'll get an idea why Odessa was considered one of the most prosperous city in Russia by mid-19th century. Odessa since its inception was populated by a whole bunch of different ethnic communities: Greeks, Italians, French, Russians, Jews, Bulgarians made Odessa their home town. Explore the city's ethnic districts, which are soaked in history and packed full of the most entertaining stories. After all, it can't be any other way! Odessa's foreign settlers were adventurous and entrepreneurial people. How oranges could save the city? Why was the statue to the French prime-minister erected on the donations of the Odessa's poor and rich and has become a symbol of Odessa? What secrets are hidden behind the magnificent facades of Odessa's mansions? Why is a park called "Palais Royal"? You can see Odessa by yourself- the historic quarter is very compact, walkable, and easy to reach either from the cruise terminal ...

Moscow Tour: Red Square, Kremlin, Sapsan - HD [09:57]
Moscow Russia: subways, Red Square, Kremlin, Sapsan bullet train.

15 Tage Ukraine-Tour 2012, 2. Teil Zhytomir [03:23]
Stadt der Handwerker und Wissenschaftler

A Virtual Tour to Your Ancestral village by West Ukraine Tours [01:31]
West Ukraine Tours offers a unique possibility to visit your ancestral village in Ukraine while staying at your own home. Please, check our webpage ( for more details.

A Yummy Odessa Food Tour with Olga: Kumanets [02:34]
Stop number two on our Odessa food tour was at the very atmospheric Kumanets Restaurant, a tourist favorite with wait staff dressed in traditional Ukrainian clothing, music playing, and gaily decorated. Olga ( had preordered two different kinds of dumplings; cherry and poppy seed. I had always considered dumplings to be an everyday food in Balkan countries and was surprised to hear that dumplings are usually served only on special occasions. Are you sick and tired of hearing me say, "Yummy" yet? No hungry after the appetizer plates at Sophie Cafe, Steve and I still managed to pack it down with extra sour cream on top. I could probably eat an entire bowl of sour cream singlehandedly, one of my favorites. Yes, the dumplings were very, very yummy...

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