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Poltava - FHDating EXCLUSIVE SOCIAL MODEL (June 2011) [09:50]
Success on international dating pass through having a plan, be realistic and choose a local private and independent company which provides you experienced exclusive services as also as a 24/7 private assistance, as FHDating does! No affiliated third-parts, no letter-writing, screened members and ladies and unconditional direct contact with the agency's owner as well as his local experience and guidance during your stay in Ukraine, makes FHDating a UNIQUE MODEL ON DATING OVERSEAS!
Tags: Poltava, Ukraine, Online Dating, Dating overseas, Ukrainian women, Ukrainian brides, Free online dating.

Vignette from Pechy, Pechy, Khlib [01:20]
This is a vignette or scene from the Museum theater production Pechy, Pechy, Khlib at the Ivan Honchar Museum in Kyiv, Ukraine. The show is about bread, which is a very emotional and political subject in Ukraine. The first two-thirds of the vignettes show bread as the center of a rich life in central Ukraine. The the Soviets come in 1932-33 and create the Holodomor, or Terror Famine, in which 3 to 5 million people died of hunger in the breadbasket of Europe.
Tags: Ukraine, Holodomor, bread, museum theater, cmberea

Sky light event, Kyiv.wmv [03:10]
This video was created by Iryna, one of our pre-selected candidates for the Travel Volunteer contest and introduces the Sky Light Event in Kiev, Ukraine. The action was arranged by Japanese designer Yamamoto Kansai, with main purpose -- to cheer the sufferers of huge earthquake disaster happened on March 11, and to respect those who suffered from similar disasters in Ukraine (nuclear accident of Chernobyl nuclear plant) and in Indonesia (tsunami waves in Sumatra Island). 500 of beautiful floating lanterns was released this evening into the night sky in honor and respect of the souls of those who died on or following March 11, and as a symbolic display of support and solidarity for survivors who have lost family and friends. It is second of three consequent event of this kind. First event was held on August 20 in Bali, and third will take place on September 10th in Fukushima.
Tags: Travel, Volunteer, Floating, Lantern, Fukushima, Japan, Ukraine, Kiev, Iryna

Ukraine Pictures - Part 3 [14:47]
These are still pictures from our summer of 2011 trip to Ukraine and Istanbul. This third video starts in Odessa. From there we fly to Istanbul (after 10 hours in the Odessa airport because of an Aerosvit Airlines pilots' strike!) where we visit the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.
Tags: Ukraine, istanbul, europe, viking, river, cruise, travel, adventure, culture, destination, tourism, museum, landmark

Lvov: LvivklezFest Odessa Made Spectators Dancing [04:09]
Lvov is an ancient W. Ukrainian city populated traditionally by different nations settled on this European road-crossing. KlezFest is an international cultural event making it third time this year to this ancient town. More:
Tags: klezfest, L'viv, Lvov, Ukraine, Lemberg, kerjman, fun, joy, jew, music, culture

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