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2012-Bishkek [04:19]
Bishkek is the capital of Kyrgyzstan. It doesnt take too long to see this city. There are no churches, no mosques and ver few monuments, but here is what i d...

St. Sofia square World Heritage Site (Sep 2012) [01:30]
St. Sophia Cathedral with a great bell tower and the monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky. St. Sophia Cathedral was built in 1037 and is under UNESCO protection.

Summer 2012 Kiev, Ukraine. [06:08]
"The Mother Motherland Monument" Located in Kiev was opened 1981. Now it houses the Museum of WWII, and its overall height is 102 m. There are two viewing pl...

Biking in Southern Estonia in summer 2012 [08:06]
07-08.07.2012. I did some video footages while biking with a friend of mine in Southern Estonia. First we drove from Tartu to Elva. The path from Nõo to Elva...

Rixos The Palm Hotel, UAE.Dubai [06:46]
Лучший отель для семейного отдыха!

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