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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas 60-second "Vice & Virtue" TV commercial [01:04]
This is The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas' 60-second TV ad. The playful commercial is indicative of the brand's spirited outlook and will set a new benchmark by ...

Pidhitsy Castle 2 [05:07]
This video was taken at the highly paranormally active Pidhitsy Castle in Western Ukraine. This castle has a sorted history of murder and suffering. It was used as a battlefield hospital during WWII where hundreds or even thousands of soldiers died. We are not real ghost hunters and have taken license to make this video entertaining.
Tags: discoveries offroad, ukraine, kep, wadiak, ghosts, spirits, ghosthunter, ghost, adventure, paranormal, haunted

vision of Ukraine earthquake prophecy! [02:06]
I saw a vision of Ukraine and the Lord spoke with me and said an earthquake will come on that land, the only way this earthquake will not come is that if the people of the nation repent and turn to the Lord! How do you become saved? we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and the penalty of committing sin is death (spiritual death) if you remain in your sins you enter hell eternally which is full of pain and suffering, sin is what separates us from God, but God so loved us all he sent Jesus to save us from hell and to pay the penalty for our sins. Jesus was a sinless man, but he became sin for us, by taking up the cross he absorbed all our sins, he took the worst death (he took what we deserved) he died, and rose again 3 days later leaving the sins at the grave and conquering death at his resurrection, so there is now no condemnation for those who are in Jesus Christ through him is the only way to God and through him is the only way out of hell (only Jesus) the reason he died for us is so we can have forgiveness of sins through Jesus so the power of death is destroyed over us. He also offered a free gift and that's salvation, by confessing Jesus is Lord and believing in your heart God raised him from the dead you will receive the hope of eternal life in heaven, you will be saved. its a choice and God has given us a free will if you choose Christ you will have life and forgiveness, if you choose sin, the penalty of sin (death) will remain over you and you ...
Tags: Ukraine, earthquake, prophecy, vision, prophetic, prophet, Matthew, 24:7, Nick, Smith, destruction, end, times, Armageddon, Holy, Spirit, God, Jesus, Christ, 2012, Lord, truth, Salvation, Word, Gospel, Preaching, Study

Ukrainian support [01:00]
Donetsk, after match Ukraine-Sweden. Euro-2012
Tags: football, euro2012, soccer, ukraine, donetsk, spirit of football, Spirit (Character Species)

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