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welcome to Kiev capital city of Ukraine [00:48]
An introduction to Kiev. Johnny D takes you through Ukraine. He gives you the ins and outs of hiring interpreters, drivers, private tours and securing cheap accommodation. You need it John can provide it.
Tags: Kiev, Ukraine, cheap, accommodation, private, tours, transport, with, an, English, speaker, special

Some quirky observations in Kiev / Ukraine December 2011 [01:37]
Nothing special: a) Free Russian propaganda music blaring out of those speakers when approaching the Museum of the Great Patriotic war b) Eternal flame at the tomb of the unknown soldier c) decorations in the wind close to the Salute Hotel
Tags: Ukraine, Kiev, Russia, tomb, soldier, unknown, great, patriotic, war, motherland, music, Der, Spieler, Mabuse

Blessing Easter Baskets in Uzhgorod, Ukraine [04:39]
Just after midnight on Easter in Ukraine, people begin to fill the streets and wait for the priest to come and bless their Easter baskets. Thousands of people line the streets. It is an amazing sight. Each basket is placed on the ground with a lit candle. The priest sings songs over the loud speakers and reads prayers. Then he comes by with a bucket of water and a brush and splashes holy water on people and their baskets. This tradition was forbidden under Communist rule. In 1991 Ukraine became independent from USSR. They won their freedom of speech, expression, and religion. Slowly, year after year, people have returned to the streets to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christ has risen! He has truly risen!
Tags: Uzhgorod, Ukraine, Orthodox, Easter, Baskets

En Route to the Mother Motherland Statue in Kiev, Ukraine [00:26]
Patriotic music blasts from speakers along the walkway to the World War II memorial and museum, and the Motherland Statue.
Tags: kiev, Ukraine, motherland, World War II, monument

Menachem Herman: Knocking on Heaven's Door - The Uman Experience [03:00]
The Uman experience is a great way for an English speaker to spend Rosh Hashana with the Breslever Chasidim in Uman. A special group of English speakers just like you has a wonderful lodging with glatt kosher home-cooked meals for YomTov, and you'll be staying with Menachem Herman and Rabbi Lazer Brody. For more information write: ... Breslev Breslov Uman "Rebbe Nachman" "Rosh Hashana" Judaism "Brelever Chassidus" "Jewish music" Ukraine "Menachem Herman" "Lazer Brody" ...
Tags: Breslev, Breslov, Uman, Rebbe Nachman, Rosh Hashana, Judaism, Brelever Chassidus, Jewish music, Ukraine, Menachem Herman, Lazer Brody

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