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Deutsche Fans feiern Sieg in Lviv (EM 2012) [00:15]
Німецькі фани святкують перемогу у Львові (ЄВРО 2012)

Deutschland - Dänemark 2:1 Fanmeile 2012 in Berlin füllt sich langsam [01:22]
Deutschland - Dänemark 2:1 Fanmeile 2012 in Berlin füllt sich langsam ! So langsam aber sicher wird es voller und voller auf der Fanmeile in der Straße des 17.Juni in Berlin 2012. Deutschland gewann natürlich mit 2:1 gegen die Dänen :-) Deutschland - Dänemark 2:1 Fanmeile 2012 in Berlin füllt sich langsam,Deutschland,Dänemark,Berlin,Fanmeile,2012,Sieg,Europameister,Eropameisterschaft,Fußball,Fussball,Fußballeuropameisterschaft,EM,Euro,EURO,Polen,Ukraine,Fanpark,Hyundai,Hyundai Fanpark,Dänen,Straße des 17.Juni,17.Juni,17,Juni
Tags: Deutschland, Dänemark, Berlin, Fanmeile, 2012, Sieg, Europameister, Eropameisterschaft, Fußball, Fussball, Fußballeuropameisterschaft, EM, Euro, Polen, Ukraine, Fanpark, Hyundai, Hyundai Fanpark, Dänen, Straße des 17.Juni, 17.Juni, 17, Juni

15.11.2011 Deutschland - Niederlande 3-0 Alle Tore + Highlights OHNE MUSIK Germany Netherlands [05:46]
Wie Hollands Hintermannschaft, die nicht ersatzgeschwächt angereist war, in dieser Besetzung das WM-Finale erreichen konnte? Nach dem gestrigen Abend kann die Antwort nur lauten: keine Ahnung. Eine Minute nach seiner Einwechslung hampelte de Jong am Ball vorbei, Klose -- Müller -- Özil -- Klose -- Özil -- das 3:0 (66.), es war ein Gedicht der drei Stärksten, vorgetragen vor den staunenden Schuljungen-Augen von Heitinga. Die 90 Minuten, sie wurden zur Lehrstunde für eine Nation, die sich damit schmücken darf, Platz zwei der Weltrangliste zu besetzen, in dieser Form bei der Vergabe des EM-Titels aber keinerlei Rolle spielen wird. Anders als Deutschland, das nicht nur nach 15 sieglosen Jahren eine Durststrecke gegen den Nachbarn beendete, sondern auch ein Signal an den Rest Europas sendete. Ein überdeutliches. This was as profound a statement as you'll see in an international friendly. Germany certainly gave their devoted fans something to talk about between now and 2012. Germany dominated Holland en route to a decisive 3-0 victory in Hamburg Tuesday evening. A match recap can be found here. Sometimes in football, a 3-0 scoreline doesn't reflect the true nature of the contest. This isn't one of those times. Germany dominated the action from the opening kickoff, as man of the match Miroslav Klose nearly opened the scoring less than one minute into the game. While Dutch fans such as myself wondered when the Holland attack was going to show up, Germany held possession and were ...
Tags: Deutschland-Niederlande, 3x0, Mesut, Özil, Deutschland, Vs, Holland, 2011, Klose, 3-0, Niederlande, 2011Germany, Netherlands, goals, Deutschland-Holland, Germany, 3:0, 15/11/2011Mesut, Ozil, Müller, all, alle, tore, Highlights, HQ, muller, em, goal, cha

Ukraine: Olesko Castle [14:33]
The Olesko Castle (Ukrainian: Олеський замок) is currently located within the borders of the present-day Busk Raion in Ukraine. The first historical records of the castle are in a document dated 1390, when Pope Boniface IX gave Halych, a Catholic bishop, this castle as a gift. It is located about seventy-five kilometers from Lviv, the largest city in western Ukraine. The Olesko Castle, oval in shape, stands on top of a small hill, about fifty meters in height. A moat and a wall surrounds it, which serves as a defence for the castle. The castle is also surrounded by a dense swamp. The land that the castle sat on changed ownership many times. It was originally on the border of land of Volhynia and land of Lviv. The castle was, at different times, owned by Poland, Lithuania, and Hungary. It became a political landmark in the 14th century when movable borders between the three aforementioned countries ran through its territory. Battles for ownership of the castle were constant. A deep well in the basement of the castle was used as an escape route for besieged prisoners. In the 15th century, the castle was changed from being a defense point, to simply a getaway for aristocracy. The castle is perhaps most famous for being the birthplace of the Polish king Jan III Sobieski, the hero of the Battle of Vienna. He often lived there, and collected many of the artworks currently displayed in the present-day museum. Another Polish king, King Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki, was also born ...
Tags: Ukraine, Olesko Castle, Halych, Lviv, Golden Horseshoe, Travel, Rozylowicz, Jan Sobieski, Michal Wisniowiecki, Pidhirtsi, Zolochiv

Lviv Ukraine [05:51]
video made by Yriy Horechyy ps any comment "Poland owns lviv" will be deleted and users will be blocked. Enjoy the video, and keep your arguements to yourself. Lviv is in Ukraine, it's Ukrainian, END OF DISCUSSION =) pps "Lviv was founded by King Danylo Halytskiy of the Ruthenian principality of Halych-Volhynia, and named in honor of his son, Lev. When Danylo died Lev made Lviv the capital of Halich-Volhynia.[citation needed] The city is first mentioned in theHalych-Volhynian Chronicle,which dates from 1256. It was captured by Poland in 1349 and, in 1356, Casimir III of Poland brought in German burghers and granted the Magdeburg rights which implied that all city matters were to be resolved by a council, elected by the wealthy citizens. The city council seal of the 14th century stated: S(igillum): Civitatis Lembvrgensis. As part of Poland (and later the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth), Lviv became the capital of the Ruthenian Voivodeship. As Lviv prospered, it became religiously and ethnically diverse. The 17th century brought invading armies of Swedes, Hungarians from Transylvania, Russians and Cossacks to its gates. However, Lviv was the only major city of Poland that was not captured by the invaders. In 1672 it was besieged by the Turks, who also failed to conquer it. Lviv was captured for the first time by a foreign army in 1704, when Swedish troops under King Charles XII entered the city after a siege. In 1772, following the First Partition of Poland, the city known ...
Tags: Lviv, Ukraine

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