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Mystery message from Sergei [00:18]
Do you speak Russian? Translate this for me, please! This is a message that a guy wanted to give me on video that I met while I was stuck by myself super late at night somewhere between Balaklava and Sevastopol Ukraine. He didn't speak English . . . at all, but he ruled and help me find my way home. He hung around for a few hours. We pissed on things and I spoke to him in terrible Russian. Awesome night, cool dudes.
Tags: ukraine, sevastopol, balaklava, crimea, russia, russian, usa, united states, american, america, drunk, lost, bum, bums, homeless europe, poor United States (Country), learn russian

WK II Museum Fort Zachodni in Świnoujście [00:42]
Der Film zeigt einen kurzen Ausschnitt aus dem Museum der ehemaligen Batterie Henningsen.
Tags: Monster, battelfield, battel, Russia, Russian, Tanks, Tanket, T-34, T-80, T-55, T-50, T-72, T-90, T-95, kovrove, ahiska, rustam78, свд, драгунова, драгунов, Moscow, Ukraine, Georgia, Latvia, Ussr, Putin, Army, Vladimir, World, Anastasi

Russians come to kiss Turks (Visa Free) [02:08]
Russians come to kiss Turks Ruslar türkiyede visa free Turkey Russia
Tags: Ruslar, Russian, visa, free, travel, regime, for, citizens, Rusya, russia, Moscow, Ukraine, Adventure, Turkey, turkish, istanbul, EU, schengen, Agreement, Rusyaya, vizleler, kalktı, rus, vizesi, antalya, türkiye

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