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Moscow Time Lapse [02:13] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Цейтраферная съемка в движении / time-lapse photography in motion Сделано видео: by zweizwei | motion timelapse Июнь, сентябрь и октябрь 2011 г. 4 дня съемок. Canon 5D Mark II Canon 60D tokina 11-16mm/2.8 sigma 24mm/1.8 canon 50mm/1.4 canon 70-200mm/4lis NDx16, NDx1000, NDx2000, c-pl music: Deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire - Ghosts'N'Stuff (Nero Remix) (OST The Art of Flight)
Tags: Russia, Moscow, Soviet Union, Ukraine, Georgia, Dvd, Time, Latvia, Sky, Trailer, Vladimir, Ussr, Putin, Georgian, Georgian People, Rip, Army, Anastasia, Belarus, Clip, First, All, Low, First Time, Mp4, All Time, Lapse, Preview, Time Lapse, Time Low, Free,

Putin assassination plan foiled by joint special forces op [27-Feb-12 © RT] [03:11]
Details & updates Russian and Ukrainian special forces have foiled an assassination plot targeting Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The suspects reportedly admitted planning to make their move in Moscow, right after Sunday's presidential ballot. Russian and Ukrainian intelligence services have foiled terrorist plans to assassinate Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, according to Russia's Channel One. Russia's most-wanted terrorist is thought to be behind the plot. Russia's Channel One said on Monday the internationally-wanted criminals detained in Ukrainian city of Odessa confessed they had intended to assassinate Putin. The attack was supposed to be carried out in Moscow right after the presidential elections of March 4.
Tags: putin, assassination, plot, to, kill, murder, attack, terrorists, russia, prime, minister, presidential, election, president, 2012, moscow, ballot, vote, ukraine, odessa, adam, osmaev

An American View Of Russian People [01:43]
Just some opinions of mine of Russian People Мое мнение о русских людей XD Летом 2010 года я работал с людьми из России, это было здорово :)
Tags: russia, america, usa, Россия, Америка, russian music, Moscow, Ukraine, sterotype, stereotypes, putin

Западня. Европейское счастье [часть3] [14:57]
Всем нам известно высказывание "Там хорошо, где нас нет". Фильм "Западня"- это абсолютно другой взгляд на жизнь в странах Евросоюза
Tags: запад, европа, украина, россия, Russia, Ukraine, Ussr, Putin, Vladimir, Moscow, Belarus

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