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A Yummy Odessa Food Tour with Olga: Kumanets [02:34]
Stop number two on our Odessa food tour was at the very atmospheric Kumanets Restaurant, a tourist favorite with wait staff dressed in traditional Ukrainian clothing, music playing, and gaily decorated. Olga ( had preordered two different kinds of dumplings; cherry and poppy seed. I had always considered dumplings to be an everyday food in Balkan countries and was surprised to hear that dumplings are usually served only on special occasions. Are you sick and tired of hearing me say, "Yummy" yet? No hungry after the appetizer plates at Sophie Cafe, Steve and I still managed to pack it down with extra sour cream on top. I could probably eat an entire bowl of sour cream singlehandedly, one of my favorites. Yes, the dumplings were very, very yummy...

Crimea Longboarding 2012 (Epic Music) [01:30]
Видео смонтировано из материала, отснятого на разные камеры до, в процессе и после съемок первого украинского лонгборд-тревел фильма Santa-Крым. Было показано на презентации фильма в креативном пространстве "Часопис" как бонус контент. Выложено в YouTube по многочисленным просьбам. :) Первая часть Santa-Крым: Вторая часть Santa-Крым: Монтаж: Василина Назарова

Glimpse - Authentic Ukrainian Cuisine - Borsche (What is borsch?) [01:16]
UKRAINIAN RESTAURANT, KYIV, UKRAINE Employees perform some traditional music as my dinner is ordered. Delicious borsch.

Alternative art guide - Odessa [04:59]
Alternative art guide for Odessa. Ukraine. Curator - Kateryna Radchenko (ART travel) Production - Pavel Fedorov & Pavel Yudov music: Christian Naujoks - Moments II Summer 2012.

From Russia & Ukraine with Love (Из России и Украины с любовью) [30:53]
An illustration of the beauty of these two magical countries. Includes the awesome spectacle of a Siberian winter, the charismatic beauty of Kiev, Moscow and St Peterburg, the nations sporting triumphs, the culture of music and dance and the enchanting and unparalleled beauty of Slavic women. The accompanying music is Rubenstein's "Kammenoi Ostrov", "The Song of the Volga Boatman", "Polyushka Polye" and Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty" & "Swan Lake".

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