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Lilly in Lviv (Lvov, Lehmberg), Ukraine [03:47]
With my Lubimaya Lilly in Lviv, Western Ukrainian City, in the winter of 2012, January 14 to 16
Tags: Lviv, Lvov, Lehmberg, Ukraine, Ludwig von Mises, Geburtsort, Geburtstadt, Lilly

Ukraine - presentation of country. Україна - презентація держави [13:22]
Presentation of Ukraine. Презентація України від Батьківщини молодої та Демальянсу для слухачів інституту Роберта Шумена (Угорщина)
Tags: Presentation, Country, Ukraine, Promo, Lviv, Lvov, Lwow, Lemberg, Kyiv, Kiev, Kharkov, Euro, 2012, RSI, Robert, Schuman, Institute, Україна, Львів, Київ, Харків, Презентація, Промо, Євро, yurkomik

L'viv, Ukraine - Town Hall clock tower ringing bells @ 1200 [02:15]
These are the gears, weights and cables that run the clock. 408 steps to the top, 213 feet. Many years ago, the Monks ran the tower. One day the watchman saw that the city was going to be attacked and there was not enough time to warn the gate guard, so he advanced the clock five minutes so that the bells would sound sooner, thereby the guards closed the city gates sooner.
Tags: L'viv, Lviv, L'vov, Lvov, Ukraine, clock tower, Revenoor

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