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holand-portugal.MOV [00:14]
EURO-2012, Holland, Portugal, Ukraine, Kharkiv, footbol
Tags: EURO-2012, Holland, Portugal, Ukraine, Kharkiv, footbol

Ukraine an Introduction [00:31]
Ukrainians are rightly proud that Ukraine was chosen to hold the final games of the UEFA EURO 2012 games jointly with Poland. This event offers a unique opportunity not only to show the whole world what we have achieved in the arts, the sciences, education, and sports, and to demonstrate the high quality of our hospitality. This is yet another opportunity to show the international community that the basic philosophical principle driving our country is openness to cooperation and partnership.
Tags: ukraine, football, soccer, kiev, kyiv, lviv, odesa, crimea, kharkiv, donetsk, yulia, poland, uefa, travel, tourism, luxury, hotels, bookings, nature, eco, health, best, rates, free, holidays, index, directory, connect, direct, online, channel, go, resorts

Oranjefans in Fanzone Charkov / Charkiv / Kharkov / Kharkiv EK voetbal 2012 Oekraïne [01:18]
Oranjefans in Fanzone Charkov EK voetbal 2012 een dag voor de wedstrijd Nederland-Denenmarken. Dutch fans in the Charkov Fanzone one day before the match Holland-Denmark. EURO 2012 Ukraine,
Tags: Oranjefans, Fanzone, Charkov, Charkiv, Kharkov, Kharkiv, EK, voetbal, 2012, Oekraïne, EURO 2012, Ukraine, Dutch fans, supporters, Holland, Denmark, sfeer, Oranjelegioen, Nederlands elftal

Kharkiv Timelapse / Таймлапс Харьков [01:37]
Тысячи фотографий и один кусочек видео Несколько ноябрьских дней в Харькове Приятный город Вежливые водители:) Съемочное оборудование: фотоаппарат и штатив
Tags: Kharkiv, Ukraine, Харьков, Youtube, Timelapse, Time, lapse, Харків, Euro2012, Фінгер, Украина, Олег, Фингер, Таймлапс, foto, animation, promo, ролик, промо, Kharkov, Olena, Україна, tourism, tv,

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