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Ukraine Turns Green as it Celebrates St. Patrick's Day [03:19]
Kyiv, March 19, 2012. Ukraine welcomed its first days of spring weather with an awe-inspiring celebration of Saint Patrick's Day. This well-known Irish holiday takes on a different expression in every region it's celebrated. While in many English speaking countries people organize parades devoted to the holiday, the Ukrainians made a point to fill the local Irish pubs and celebrate with passion and excitement nonetheless.
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Cossack Village "Mamaieva Sloboda" Hosts Traditional Celebration of Epiphany in Kyiv [03:31]
Kyiv, January 20, 2012. One of the biggest traditional holidays in Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Epiphany (coincides with baptism of Jesus), took place at Mamaieva Sloboda, - a complete replica of a historical Ukrainian Cossack village. The historical center often hosts gatherings of modern day Cossack men. It was designed to mimick the natural environment, architecture and lifestyle of the ancient warriors - cossacks, who once lived in Ukraine. The holiday gathered hundreds of visitors who enthusiastically participated in the renowned traditional bathing ceremony (a form of christening in holy water), and enjoyed the variety of traditional Cossack dishes while watching and participating in the old Ukrainian folk dances.
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Ukraine Celebrates Womanhood on International Women's Day [04:43]
Kyiv, March 8, 2012. Today is a special day for women, who receive countless flowers and presents from the men in their lives, celebrating their femininity. The International Women's Day (IWD) started as a socialist event, but later evolved into an important holiday in Ukraine. Today all of the attendees could participate in a number of organized activities such as a women's auto rally, the largest flower arrangement composition, and they could make a gigantic postcard expressing their best wishes. Nevertheless, as citizens of country that meticulously preserves its customs and traditions, Ukrainians still remember the historical background of this event.
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ZET 330 Павел Воля против Севастополя [04:19]
Воспроизводится только на Apple и мобильных устройствах. Прекрасный отдых в нашем любимом СЕВАСЕ
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